Lucas Walton was released as an excuse, but Felt Lakers had been wild and so lost on blogging


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The Los Angeles Lakers started a series of four games in six days with a crucial road game against the Denver Nuggets that became a battleship of battle when Madzo's ankle Ball died on the the left.

Ball was subsequently injured in the second quarter when he died on the base of Malik Beasley, who was on the ground after attempting to return. As a Member was slow on his feet, the Nuggets went down and finished a four-way play.

Expand this to seven points and Denver did not look back from that. The crime of the Lakers is currently strengthening crime without a Member and Rajon Rondo that is still covered as he returns from a hand-held handicap.

Even they have done to & # 39; Burning better than 5-35 from the back of the three-point line, the difference in the revival may have been too big to get over. After a 117-85 fall, Luke Walton, a Lakers coach, said he thought the team lost energy, through Spectrum Sport:

"I thought we did a good job in the first half. It's our priority to keep them away from the white line and not turn to & # 39 Unfortunately, we can not make any concerts. And then I think we're giving a bit in some tiredness. … I thought we were tired. We came out and we played a quick pace early in the game, in the first season. I do not know if that was there; transported over or if we were not just changing it up. It was like many of those things where they were getting extra assault concepts, we just stood to change for air. That's why some of our rescuers today are growing up and trying to use our lungs to be here. Everyone needs A team that responds to the player here, so he can not be an excuse. We need to be better. "

The Nuggets ended with a 60-39 revival edge, which could be named as a result of a 48.5 percent soldier in some of it compared to just 39.1 per cent for the Lakers. However, Denver also took a while on the way to 16 attack concepts, which doubled the total number of Lakers.

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