Lucero and Mijares together again! after eight years of divorce


After their marriage and marvelous divorce, Lucero and Mijares They maintain good relationships because of their children. A couple are so happy that they are willing to work together.

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And the singers are the special guests of the show for 48 years of departure Marco Antonio Solís, The "The Buki", held on March 22 at the Sol Forum in Mexico City and on 30th of that month at the University Estadio de Monterrey.

"Manuel and I are very good friends, but I'm highly regarded as a singer, as an artist, I know all of her songs, so I have no problem in & # 39 ; share the platform with it, "said the interpreter to the # 39; newspaper. Reformation.

"At this time, he will also be a guest at the show Marco and it will be brilliant. I think we're all in a position; going to work with them & # 39; The Buki & # 39;; now Manuel he just did with him, on his latest record, the Riddle, and they looked good, "he said.

The call "Bride of America" He acknowledged that their relationship is so stable, they still share many things together.

"We are always aware of the life of our language, because we have much respect, much interest," we added to the " actress and entertainment, which is also delivered on 24 May at the National Auditorium.

Lucero and Mijares they were married on January 18, 1997 at a feast attended by the old president Ernesto Zedillo and show figures like María Félix, The Angelica Maria, The Yuri, The Raúl Velasco, The Veronica Castro and Jacobo Zabludovsky, as well as the millions of Mexican who could watch television.

From their marriage their children were born Lucerito and José Manuel. "I'm really happy to share with it, well, if we share our children, and that the fact is that we talk a lot and a & # 39; share lots of things for them. "

After 14 years of marriage, Lucero and Mijares They nominated the divorce party on 4 March 2011.

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