Luciano Cáceres told the spiritual knowledge he went with his mother before he died


(Video: Telefe, "PH, We Can Speak")

Luciano Cáceres He told a story that many of the celebrities who visited the table moved to tears. PH, We can talk, Last Saturday. The actor said The spiritual knowledge he agrees with his mother in his final days and told him what he said when he fired it.

"I believe in & # 39; The universe and the angels. Indeed, for experience I was living, "he said, and started the story.

According to his story, his mother he had seven years cancer and in the latter he decided to abandon traditional training to focus on other healing and reiki. "This year ab & # 39; better. He was strong, with hair, with weight, he ate … But fall there eat. In fact I was angry because he did not make every cure. "

"My name is the mine that I performed in reiki and I had on days."You need to learn to let me go & # 39; he told me But how do you learn to stop? If my old woman left everything for a magical hand handle … I did not understand it ", follow it.

His mother came out of her choma and from that time Caelres started her close relationship with her. As never before. "She could not speak, it was a binding without words but He was the only person; to understand what she said, even though I did not listen to her. I do not know how to interpret it. They all came to tell me what my old woman would have, "she said.

"She returned again to mind and when he came out, he was a month of great success." When I went into her room, my old woman was like that (she will move her hands as if she would do something). Tell me that he was an angel. She said she was 50 years old, very tall, pretty white and that she was Mo. It was the name that was; her. She did not understand what he was about, "she said, as long as she said she was"very calm and happy ".

Actually, according to his testimonial, his mother told him that someone needed a reiki to do it. Through a friend, he found a man, but only a week later. "In the middle he fell back to mind, I slept in hospital and I thought: & # 39;It does not come out, it's away & # 39;. On Saturday I went to ask for her & # 39; that reiki minister. I took her to go to the room but he outlined the summary he said: "I can not do anything, you need to do it. "".

And he finished his story: "Then I went through and made me do something I did not know what he had (he showed some gestures with hands) My old woman did not lose four days ago, but I passed his hands and He moved his feet, he moved his arms… He opened his eyes … He was very familiar. Then I said: & # 39;Take your angel, you made us very happy & # 39;. And it disappeared. "

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