Luciano Cáceres's spiritual mental experience with his mother before his death


Radio Miter Show

December 9, 2018

The actor was to connect to her; Joined his mother before he died as a result of a long illness. "I said and caught your angel, you made us very happy," he said.

The actor Luciano Cáceres for the first time said to experience knowledge of & # 39; live with his mother before his wife died, produce a long illness. "I believe in the abbreviation and in the angels because of the situation I was living"he explained.

Taken to the PH program, we can talk, the actor explained: "My 7 year old was a cancer age He did all the usual cases, but last year he left them all and tried to cure and make other reiki ".

And he continued: "That year's year. Better, he was strong, with hair, weight, he ate but fell into a chest and I was very angry. I gave my name to the woman with whom I was; doing reiki, who was traveling at that time, and Tell me that I had to give up learning, but I did not understand it. "

Before the other guests fell, Luciano said when her mother left her choma she started "Establish strong words without words." "It was the only man to tell everything he said not to listen to, ask me what I wanted. It was a month; of great success. "

"At that time, he fell back in coma and when he came out, he went into the room and I saw her with a closed fort. Then I asked her what she was doing and she tells me she was holding her angel. " Due to the uncertainty of the time, the actor said he gave a picture of his hand-painted by his mother at home and even with her, He asked him what he would have to do all his desires.

"She was very calm and very happy, she noticed where her angel was"Tell him. That's when the mother asked Reiki teacher. He could make a meeting for Saturday, but the woman fell back to mind on Wednesday.

"Tell me the doctors that he did not drop out, and when on Saturday, I told the nurse to let this woman I passed over. She & # 39: go in and when she comes out she tells me that she can not do anything and I need to do it "he said.

"Then he put on her and put her hands on her as she explained to me above her body and My mom opened her eyes. Then I told him to catch an angel, who made us very happy, and left him. How do you believe ", the actor who influenced everyone with his story ended.

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