Luis Gnecco arranged with Raquel Argandoña and Patricia Maldonado: he brought them to his radio program. TV and Exhibition


There are several "tours" between the actor Luis Gnecco and the directors comment Raquel Argandoña and Patricia Maldonado. In the last battle, the actor had dealt with the two women, who have a Radio Agriculture program.

However, this time, Gnecco chose to be more consistent with the communications and gave them to a radio space give them an excuse for their final statements.

"I promised to call it publicly, because we are all public people. What do I write was a mistake in that way, I want to make my apology in public because I think it does not; answer ", the actor said in the fair.

For this, he said: "It was a mistake from beginning to end, it's a cheap idea, because it is not fitting you guilty to think differently, or anyone. I was running my hand, I committed my crime and was unhappy that there is no place. "

Radio Àrainn
Radio Àrainn

Because of this, the word of the morning many thanks He said Luis Gnecco was entitled to "be heard with the two", so he left the subject and the apology was accepted.

However, Argandoña said that the artist had been in touch with her a few days ago on her phone, and said he had accepted his excuse at that time.

Gnecco declined his conversation by saying that he had words "educated" for the two women, saying that it was not right to be offending just because they thought differently.

It should be noted that Rachel's son created the actor's shoes, Nano Calderón, I went to her house to face her face to face.

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