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Video of it Luis Miguelas it was flown to tears, it is then shared with a singer's supporter Instagram and it was supplemented by an Argentine account of Mexican fans.

"Luis Miguel Surrounded by a crowd of the Club Show of Jockey de Peru @lmxlm, it will be read in the designated video post that is less than 40 seconds where the singer is sitting on stage t interpreting the song "You and me", he touches his eyes and cleans them to make friendly movements for his audience.

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According to another larger video, this time the actor published Yidda Slava, you can see Luis Miguel complete "You and me", perform intrigue with the sound and then, after moving from your home, laugh at the Jockey Peru Club.

Seconds later, the same definition described above: Luis Miguel he smiles his eyes, beating his head and finally laughing and hitting with friendships.

This is not the first time that the Mexico star is animated in a concert. In 2018, more than once, the singer was recorded with feelings in the center of a song.

Luis Miguel which was delivered on this Sunday night, 11th March at the Jockey Peru Club as part of his "Mexico Forever" tour.

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