Luis Miguel spread a microphone to a technician during a performance in Panama


J. Bello / Agencies

Luis Miguel was again in the eye of the sickle. Another controversial event of El Sol of Mexico was during his visit when he threw the microphone to a sound engineer during his display in Panama.

The incident on Tuesday 19 March was recorded by all the people who liked the concert in Panama City.

Many videos broke the singer's "lack of control" in Mexico.

"Everything happened when the star reported at the Amador Collection Center in the Panamanian chalpa. Sol of México was not comfortable with the noise, it was evident in the motions that some of the attendees are videoed. T Collect the song Make sure that you are already in the second part of the concert and that you move backwards to come backwards from behind the scenes, and at the end of the video t 3. You'll bring his finger into the microphone at one of them, so that you can hear the blow, "said the Death.

Here is a video

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