Luka Doncic and Jaka Bijol will help the mothers be in trouble


In her young youth, she prefers her sports. They are both nearly 20 years in February. Luka Dončić basketball player and Jaka Bijol football are many examples. They do not want to leave the seal on the parquet floor or on the greenery, I want to share my awareness of close ties and share a lot of heart with the necessary support.

The story was merged Helene ChampThe Next One Mother with two children she got in a difficult life situation. Youngest son Nik a disabled person with poor epilepsy illness, he does not walk and does not; Speaking, he also gets 50 times a day. Nikko's oldest brother is still learning and has no regular income.

Jaka Bijol football is a model for many.

Log pri Brezovici, where many migrants ten years ago, has accommodation based on the needs of Nikko's disease, and now they are at risk that they will be away homeless .

Due to the personal divorce of the old partner, Helena must collect EUR 70,000 by 5 February, so that she can stay with her son in the house and not go to the auction.

When she and her partner were split and then divulged their wealth, Heleni was one quarter of the house with which she now paid back the loan. Three-quarters of the house of their first companion came ashore at the auction. Helena takes Nika's 24-day day care, and she does not. Her bank is only 560 for compensation for lost work, 202 euros of childcare allowance and 94 euros for children's allowances.

With this, he asked for a double loan for the house and caring for the two sons.

There was a need for a single mom mother.

In the house, the family is feeling very well, everything in a way that lets its son's quality life is so big, as possible, raise, and Helena does not have money to buy the house. So, Luka and Jaka decided to help Helen and her sons.

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