Luke Walton defends how LeBron is a think that James is responding to & # 39; giving evidence from Kevin Durant


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Years of a problem from trying to delete free agents in some of this summer when Lakers Los Angeles named LeBron James. Not only did the licensed license make the best player on the # 39; game, and they did on a long-term contract.

Simultaneously, James's signage was set up with a two-year window with Lakers' leader of basketball work, Magic Johnson's betting, delivered in the same way as his visits during Showtime.

By adding James to be a promising young place that is a The Lakers would be the main destination, statements appear to be consistent with the willingness of other stars to go, playing a second fiddle in Los Angeles.

At the time he was searching for a trade from Minnesota Timberwolves, Jimmy Butler did not; including the Lakers on their favorite team list. Kawhi Leonard was disturbing her & her; The idea of ​​playing with James, and Paul George was not even known, And I have a meeting for free Lakers for the Lakers.

Kevin Durant, a democratic target of Lakers coming from a voluntary organization of 2019, Ask openly why a lovely player to play with James would give her what she was saying; He could have been a member of a member. Durant also gave attention to the environment toxic & which comes to the attention of the media. James orders.

"The things I know about going around these months, it's a wonderful team, it's really unbelievable, he won multicolors with superb, other trees, "said Luke Walton, a Lakers coach, when Durant's views were given.

"Again, I do not read the article, so I can not comment on it, but the question is why you would not like to play with LeBron? He is a winner, a cozy player and it's unpleasant. "

The questions raised by Durant as a common solution followed by James from joining Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on Miami Heat. Bosh was largely on the outskirts and often used to split the team's failures, very similar to Kevin Love as long as he and James were the teams on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In fact, Kyrie Irving also wanted to be on the contrary as a result of his desire to escape from the shadow of James.

Despite this, Lakers face office staff, coaches and players have all been fond of the three-time singer. In the same way, James has been delighted with the state and reach of the current team.

"I like everything that is happening with its ballot and vote because I got here," he said at customs.

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