Luke Walton praises Kyle Kuzma for better defense effort Vs. Rockets


Troy Taormina-USA DIU Sports

Although Lakers Los Angeles challenged Chaz Kuzma to use a successful playoff season as a starting point for being a complete player, pressure was put on defensive development.

After being a fan on the way to win the All-Rookie NBA First Team, Kuzma questions and criticism on the other end of the floor. It worked ashore up for protection, and has been apparently up to date in the season.

However, one of the Kuzma nights came down in the Lakers home opens against Houston's Rockets. They attacked him and used who he was defended or put forward, giving enough effort for the second year on.

After his defeat, Kuzma pledged Lakers coach Lakers head to Luke Walton that he would not be a defense concern. happening again. "God's night gave a solution to Kuzma.

He and the Lakers were at the same time defending their protection, but Walton was happy with what he saw from Kuzma, through Spectrum Sport:

"Compared to the latter, however, he really thought he did his best work. He made his own mistakes but he was up for the challenge. He wanted Chris and defend James, and that's what you want. You want people who want to compete against the best one. I thought he worked better tonight. what he did in the past as long as running the game plan, taking them on the side we want, and getting them from the 3-point line. "

Kuzma was among the Lakers who asked quizzing bars, which proved to be a factor of 132 protection areas and -12 bare levels were posted in loss 126-111. James Harden made a fourth triple-double 50-point career, and Chris Paul had 14 points and 9 help.

Equally, Kuzma added another strong game, which marked 24 points to go with 5 help. It was a perfect 7-for-7 on night, the Lakers were a team just 15-of-27 (55.6 per cent) from the free throw line.

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