Lula writes that he does not recognize a sentence of the site and that he appeals


SO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – When he received a conviction in the case of Atibaia's chorus on Friday (15), the old president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva wrote that he is innocent and advocacy.

"I do not understand the validity of this sentence, I am innocent, so I choose," Lula wrote when he was in a position; record the document. An expression was pronounced by the expression published in their accounts of social networks.

The publication, this Saturday (16), says that Lula received a single political expression yesterday "and" wrote the answer in the document ".

The old president was awarded a 12-year and 11-month sentence for crimes and silver glazing on July 6 by Judge Gabriela Hardt, who replaced Sergio Moro at the 13th Federal Curitiba Court for three months to lead a new headteacher Appointed, Luiz Antonio Bonat.

Defense now needs to go to TRF-4 (Federal District Court of the 4th Division), in Porto Alegre, who is responsible for judging the courts of federal courts Parana.

Lata was the second conviction of Lula in Lava Jato. It was held from April last year at a Federal Police headquarters in Curitiba, serving a 12-month sentence and one month, also for corruption and a silver glaze, in the Trial in Guarujá (SP).

Initially, Mula was convicted of Moro to 9 years and six months imprisonment, but TRF-4 enhanced the sentence.

In that case, it is still a & # 39; go to the upper courts. The old commander has always been denied that he has committed any crime and claims that he has persecuted politically.

Photograph: Ricardo Stuckert

Photograph: Ricardo Stuckert

In managing the Atibaia site, Gabriela Hardt says "it is true that the family of former Lula president was often attending the property, as well as being Liked as if it were an owner ".

The works on the site, used by the PT, were paid by Odebrecht and OAS and by José Carlos Bumlai businessman, with resources removed from the contracts of Petrobras, according to & # 39; complains.

The changes made between 2010 and 2014 – were started, therefore, in the & # 39; Last year of President Lula (2003-2010).

The sentence says that the crime on laundry improvements has been made on the site in amounts of at least R $ 1 million from crime. The amount includes developments in the & # 39; kitchen and buildings and building of the loch.

Atibaia's site judge also won and decided that the value of the improvements paid by the contractors would be removed from the owners who support the Union after the sale.

According to Judgment Hardt, it is possible to terminate "in addition to reasonable doubt" that the values ​​for the cost of the reform of the possession "had come from illegal crimes that were made to benefit the company [Odebrecht e OAS]"And that Lula was" actively involved in this scheme, both in contributing to quotation for money; party that he put in with and getting some of them for his own benefit. "

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