Lulu and Nana, who's the name of the first world-class child in the world – if the couples are in


A Chinese scientist says, for the first time, that births were born after birth. So that they can resist AIDS because their father is banned by HIV.

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"Mu Lulu and Nana" is a video on YouTube that is featured by scientist He Jiankui, who says: "Two beautiful Chinese girls named Lulu and Nana were born crying from A few weeks ago just like other babies. The girls are now at home with their mother Grace and her father Mark. "Grace began to be pregnant with an ordinary in-vitro tool, but with a variety.

And that difference was all over the world yesterday. Because the researchers have to & # 39; Making a genetic translation on their minds: "When Lulu and Nana were still the same cells," said Jiankui. This intervention impeded its gateway through HIV infection. Everything was normal, the procedure was safe and Grace was then pregnant with a child. "No gene activists have just moved to prevent HIV infection". The children are so safe and healthy with other babies, Jiankui says calmly.

Mountains handled by Crispr

At the same time, the world speaks beautifully on her; first parent sculptor. However, it's not about scientists who are in choose the color of the eye or the hair, but to prevent disease. However, this "generation generation", designing human embryos, is very controversial and is banished in Switzerland. This procedure is based on the gene chinars, the «CRISPR-Cas» approach. In doing this, enclosed DNA sections are marked, split and other sections of the genome. Technically based free and fast method. In the case of plants, for example, a new variety can be preserved against the drugs. In people, in this case in Lulu and Nana, but translated into a human base and thus changed. And such genes in the genome have meant that any of the twins of the couple will be " take over this change.

"Generating a Gene" initially promotes first-hand medical benefits and its; Most, correct bad adverse effects and thus cure the diseases that come to fruition. Just because of this, the intervention of one is the change and thus in the biological devolution, expert comment.

The concepts to the designer pairs are also negative. In the FAZ, chairman of the German Ethics Council, Peter Dabrock, talks about super-Gau for science. These were the "inconscious human exams" tests. And according to the sda, the expert Nikola Biller-Andorno at the University of Zurich says it is an irresponsible attempt. Although the father was infected with HIV, it is unlikely that this virus will be inherited. So it's not about cure, it's about doing better. There are 122 Chinese scientists reported on the work of the colleague as "crazy". Children's dangers may not be examined and implemented. The tests are "a hit on world-wide reputation in Chinese science."

22 installments were handled

According to the AP news agency, the Jiankui team has dealt with 22 desktops. Eleven were sent to the women who participated in six tests until the couple were born. One of the girls born was to get out of her HIV port, and only one copy of the gene was; turned. This does not completely protect you from HIV disease. However, scientists believe that these children are changing artisticly.

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