Luna is full of eclipse and can be seen from Córdoba


A full white eclipse can be seen on the 21st of this month in Córdoba, as long as solar solar eclipse is available; takes place on July 2nd, according to the local Horrorist Theater (OAC).

The full eclipse will be from Luna and will be held on 21 January. The second and much more singular, full ellipse of the sun, will take place on July 2nd.

Those at Luna

Even lunar will occur when the land is interconnected between its; Moon and Sun. The land is lightening the sunlight to create a shadow tree on our natural satellite, ends at the time it creates a red look on its; moon caused by the atmosphere of Earth.

This is often something and can be kept in every place on Earth at night, the OAC said.

Although the eclipse (progressive step) starts at 23.37 on January 20 and ending at 4.48 on January 21st, Argentina's time, the most obvious steps will be taken to look at the spectacular eye at 0.34 and finishing 3.51 (depending on the beginning and end of the part part), when parts with light and parts with screens can be.

The eclipse will be full, when the Moon is completely covered with the shadow of the Earth, takes place between 1.41 and 2.43, at that time the product called "The Red Moon" is caused by the different re-triggering that the atmosphere makes the ground on the sun rays.

It is important to be aware that this wonder from those places in the world where the Moon is at that time, and that the way of looking just a place Its choir was so dark & ​​# 39; as possible and can view its & # 39; Moon is simply plain (it's pretty long).


On Tuesday, July 2, a total solar eclipse, which will be seen from a region from Argentina. The highest of the total in South Sea, miles of kilometers from the west coast of South America.

In Argentina, it will be seen as a whole in San Juan, San Luis, south of Córdoba, south of Santa Fe and in northern Buenos Aires. It will take place at 17.40, and at a low elevation above the horizon.

This is a rare event in our country that can not be seen until December 14, 2020. At the same time, the 5 December 2048 can be held in Patagonia.

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