Lunar eclipse 2019: How to look at the huge moon full of blood & # 39;


Flyers in the U.S. mainland will be dealt with. full of full eclipse overnight on 20 January when the Earth's umbrella overlooks the surface of the moon to go to the surface; Reduced him red and turned into "blood moon".

This is the first white eclipse of 2019 and the white eclipse as a whole until 2021. It's a & # 39; alongside the first full moon – a "wolf" in the & # 39; folklore as it happens at the time of the year when a wolf is and it's coming when a & # 39; moon is slightly larger and clearer because it is at the nearest point to Earth in its orbit.

Given that it's a supermoon that's what it's like; hearing, some of the media have been trying to express this eclipse as a "big moon to blood wolf".

But if the eclipse is extinguished, you should not expect.

"There is nothing about this eclipse, and I can not say that I have ever said to say from a normal moon with my own eye," said Tyler Nordgren, an adventurer in Ithaca , New York, to NBC News MACH in an email.

The eclipse will be visible across North and South America, as well as in parts of western Europe and Africa. Keepers in other parts of Africa, Europe and Asia can see an eclipse part.

Issues will begin on January 20 at about 10:30 p.m. In the East, when the Landscapes begin to cross the surface of the moon. Totality – moment when sun, a & # 39; moon and Earth are formally positioned and the Landscapes shape a full disk disk – a & # 39; take place at 12:12 a.m. Eastern Time on Jan. 21.

"Everyone with a spectacular light will have an amazing vision," said Nordgren, saying he would be among those who were campaigning out for a look.

Do not worry about protecting special protection. Although sun eclipses need to be spotted with special glasses or lenses, the bird-plants can be watched by the moon safely.

The eclipse is one of two eclipses and three sun eclipses in 2019. A lunchtime eclipse will take place on July 16th, but the next eclipse will not come up until May 26, 2021.

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