Luo Lifen-KY on the first day shifts once more than 20% to start its & # 39; mineral mineral market


Officially Luo Lifen – KY (6666) on the day (19th), Luo Lifen Chairman said that the stock can be officially listed, with the support and promotion of all "rojia", and the logo to go back to Taiwan, Responsibility for investors; Luo Lifen-KY also set up a rent on the first day of the registration, and his / her. reaching the height of 128.5 in early trading, with an increase of more than 20%.

Luo Lifen, when the company was first introduced to China, said that the business opportunities and the dangers of the " survive, but the Chinese regulations for the sake of decentralization of natural beauty products and their skin care were evaluated by society and gradually increased consumption. The number has risen steadily, not only has it doubled for three years after each other, but the performance in the first three quarters of the year has been higher than the last three months, last year.

Luo Lifen hangs on beauty products. In the first three quarters of this year, b & # 39; The net yield after a 298 million yuan fee, with an annual growth rate of 121.62% and an EPS of 7.77 yuan, which was higher than last year's profit. Luo Lifen explained that his / her broadband focus would be; Focusing on safe and reliable goods and an excellent service level in the future. Luo Lifen also has his own laboratory in Zhangzhou, China, and is able to develop more materials in the future.

Looking forward to the future, Luo Lifen is aiming for continuous expansion. The aim is to be & # 39; It covers 3,500 salons in the beauty salons and 3,800 in 2019. At the same time, we will develop a new brand of skin care products such as body, health and coffin. Enhance output & output; continue to work

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