Lutsenko said Bigus needed to fight to investigate thefts from the defense. "What does he do?" – they asked Bigus


Journalist Denis Bigus did not leave and did not testify the general General Yuriy Lutsenko's words that the Nashi Groshi program used the information on the disc with tax treaty materials for research journalism of the plows in the range of fields. defense.

Ukraine's Procurator Fiscal, Yuriy Lutsenko, said at a press release on 12 March that journalist Denis Bigus needed the protective program Nashi Grosi program on the protective agenda. . This is reflected in UNIAN.

“The full year 2018 was a tax study to find out how full the payment of Optimumspetsdetali was due to tax (the company featured in "Our Groszy",, "GORDON"is a citizen [Андрей] Brush. So, a few days before the completion of this fee, Mr Bigus received information from the middle of last year … Why did Mr Bigus delay publishing the previous year's inspection? "He had to break the discs codes and we had to carry out a tax audit," said Lutsenko.

UNIAN Bigus replied that he had no comments on the Auditor General's statement.

"What is the driving? What is it? In general, I have no comments," the journalist said.

On 25 February, "Our Groshi" program launched the first two parts of an excavation in the Ukraine's defense area. According to journalists, those involved with the scheme have won at least 250 million UAH during the war in Donbas. Journalists say that the organisation's members, using gaskets, used parts bought using surplus parts for military equipment in Russia and sold them to Ukroboronprom factories twice to expensive. "Gasket" was therefore introduced when the factory "Forge on Rybalsky" was introduced in 2018. to the president of Peter Peter Poroshenko.

According to the survey, the head of Ukroboronprom Pavel Bukin and his first secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleg Gladkovsky and his son Igor took part in the scheme.

On 7 March, the head of the National Center for Corruption in the Ukraine, Artyom Sytnik, said his department opened two criminal cases based on the material in a magazine review of the "Our Wardens" program , and completed around 20 inquiries, including the Gladkovskys residence. According to Sytnik, the surveys reveal 10 actions that are part of the structure of Ukroboronprom. There will be a loss of about 1 billion USD.

In the final part of the “Our Nights” program, launched on 11 March, NABU was said to have, through its intermediary representative, Shevchenko, a company Gladkovsky from the list. of mummy people.

The program also announced in 11 March that a friend of Rogozy, a member of the Ukraine Security Service, has promised Dmitry Moskalenko, for a prize, the efforts of euthanasia to smugglers' actions. In addition, the procurator fiscal's office and suspension (possibly for illegal wages) started three visits to Optimumspetsdetal contracts with defense campaigns, according to journalists.

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