Lyft IPO: Profit does not come soon


Uber, which is due to go in public next month, is continuing to invest more in the Gulf.

It offers excursions in 65 countries and has an interest in Didi and Careem, which work in Asia and the Middle East and North Africa, respectively.

Lyft is far away from Uber when he comes to broadcasting. By 2018, its geographical expansion focused on coverage of 95 per cent of the US, with some new places in Canada spreading ahead of their IPO. publishing.

Uber was also the first riding company to expand into services such as food delivery and bike sharing (via Jumping in April 2018) which provides an annual income stream. him different.

Lyft has been slower to diversify, though it has also invested in other modes of transport. He bought Motivate in 2018, a bike company after Uber bought a jump, for example. It also provides cyclists with scooters that are looking for options outside the car.

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