Lyon owner does not know to get into Ukraine ᐉ UA-Football


Jean-Michel Olas, a lion's owner, thinks that if his team goes to Ukraine for his / her. game with Shakhtar in the last round of the European League as a result of military law.

"A Arsenal game in Ukraine has been re-registered. We do not know what we will go to Ukraine, according to a political situation. It's hard to find a plane to go there. UEFA come to a decision, "said Olas.

Remember that the game is scheduled for 12 December in Kharkov.

Earlier, Sergei Storozhenko, chairman of the Kharkiv Divisional State Administration, said that there are no requirements for sporting competitions or other events where Kharkiv citizens are accustomed to, and Kharkiv citizens do not feel changes to & # 39; breach of their rights.

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