Lyric versions of mortgage phones and technology


Digital digital output will control all things Lebanese, Nawal Al Zoghbi published, the first route that was released in a few days through special packages such as The Deser's Frenchman, which Rotana made a revival after years of bad sight. The two companies as a result of the financial return that contributes to the sustainability of its & The first company of Saudi, and downloading the move to technology easier and listening to a new lyric within the Arab world and world II.

Nawal al-Zoghbi looks very confident to return this time. She has been working hard to prove that she has been following several years for many purposes, including her & her; former manager, and her likelihood, until she put her back and trusted her brother, Marcel Zoghbi, leading its business.

As she has been named by Desert Rotana, she has been promoting her new songs. She has just given her record from February 7 to 14 February in total only to the HUAWEI Music application. The music service for mobile phones, before being officially launched with 10 new albums "Keda Bay".

Desert Lebanon's source for the new Arabian says that the song's launch of the phone service does not harm those who want to listen to the Star Desert in the partnership with Rotana. This, according to the speaker, is part of the agreement between Zogby and its related companies, according to a formula that provides income income for everyone through public interaction with the services, and how they choose to hear any new song, not just Nawal Zoghbi.

YouTube income for Arab artists or singers is usually medium-sized, which varies according to the level of the artist's audience. Lail Masiri, Libanus lawyer, affirms that some agreements in Lebanon are about to; exchange or performance of financial return terms for special art works or songs called songs. Maseri indicates that the average yield from YouTube from $ 1 to $ 2 per thousand shows has been successful in advertising; company for Arabic content, and between $ 2 and $ 5 for foreign content. Ads that can not exceed YouTube are not the most profitable for Google and a video owner or advertisement. According to some Arab or Lebanese artists, they receive large amounts of money through the money from a & # 39; publishing, broadcasting, and & # 39; download and listen to their songs on digital platforms.

A few months ago, after joining the Arabic music market through the Rotana connection, the Arabian Angami company met Angami, who went into the digital market for five years ago and he was able to enjoy a high audience. Angami launched a marketing plan in which he decided to organize their production through series and distance, and some of the artist's selling versions to Angami, so that they can get it. Most audio or download. The contracts between some Arab and Angami artists did not have many contracts, but they were getting mutual profit.

In the year 2016, unofficial statistics revealed that Elissa achieved nearly half a million dollars a year from the electronic platforms, due to the huge numbers she had received through her songs through Keepers of YouTube, and later by Nancy Ajram, are a little smaller, and then the Morocach Saad artist, who is considered to be the only Arab artist to achieve His songs have the highest level of listening and downloading, which is the result of the good years that do not. restricted to his own page on YouTube, but on some international companies who have an agreement with just the production of music production.

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