"M-Help me" Safe for life, Help your trees Change the world!


New species of first-class cooperation in Thailand. M-Help me "Safe to life" Help and inform the people.

Lastly, the "M-Help Me" Safe for Technology Technic application was officially launched on 26 November 2018 at the Aksra Theater, King Power (Rangoon), the agent behind the this test. Thailand is the innovation of technology to help everyone. Mr Prasit Jyook, the founder of the Business, Service and Comprehensive Products and president of the project. "Returning to Earth", Chairman of Board Management, Web Sawadee Plc.

Mr Prasit It is a historic day; today and a starting point for us all. We will cooperate and & # 39; help to make a good society in society and Thai society. By helping each other under the "M-Help Me" Technology Application, "Safe for Life because it's not the ones that can change everything. But today, we have started and worked with everyone and every department. And we thank everyone in Thailand that we will work with today. And thanks to the diplomatic campaigns of each country. Representatives from government agencies and the private sector that are honored today. They are all "aware, aware, willing, and willing" and together to make this world clear. Due to lack of support and collaboration from the public and private sectors. This is not happening today.

This wonder tells us that the world is clear. This world is safe. This world is more beautiful. And that's because we believe these things. What is the best thing we can do for society? And today, it is clear that the highest co-operation. And they are willing to help each other. In addition, we would like to thank the trustees for their work. Here are: Web Sawadee Plc., S-PLANET Co., Ltd. (S-Planet), PLEASE CREATED. LTD and its subsidiary companies, Mandate Group

Mr Prasit That vitality is doing for the technological application "M-Help Me" Safe to life to help everyone in your help. It's a good thing to get a good time. The opportunity to meet people in the department for many years. I know the difficulties that I believe is; what I want to help. The main products and broader coverage through mobile technology. As can be seen in this moment, there are many mobile phone players. If there are tools to help protect and help. Make sure your dreams come true, so you'll have "M-Help Me". save your Life Technology application to help change your society. It is a voluntary company. Society of Aid

If any day a natural accident has a significant impact on life and buildings such as tsunamis, earthquake, volcanic breaking. No natural disasters such as floods, seagulls, or even near an accident, such as stomach, explosion, accidents and car accidents.

Mr Prasit Sending information for the "M-Help Me" Safe is your Life Technology Application. This is a common claim that is; take care of our life security. By accidental interruption and ban. For help. But it is important to stop the event in advance. The information from each organization of the government. And the private sector is to analyze the artificial information system or AI to highlight the area in the three key principles of protection (protection) to prevent an accident. Help against the victims of the area. And giving information (In writing) know about the surrounding situation and the important information that is essential for everyday life.

Mr Prasit For tourists abroad. Some help is helpful and appropriate. In terms of providing easy public information for resources, such as online line numbers. No important places. Including help when an accident occurs; strike. Sign in to the help center or click on the SOS button to get a sound of siren. And send an alert to a help center. Including those near the scene. They will be notified. You can also explore the list of tour companies and tourists in Thailand. To make sure that tourists are there. Anyone can download free Safe-Life "M-Help Me" technology appliances on iOS and Android phones through the App Store / Play Store and read more at https: // www. .facebook.com / MHelpMeSafeYourLife From today's on

Mr Prasit stressed that the world is not coming to an end. And he will last forever. Technology made It will not be successful today. No the next day But it's already started. And one day will last forever. Help even one life It is worth building and developing.

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