M jak miłość, program 1423: Piotr to Kinga's mobile statement after the birth of a couple


M jak miłość 1423 - 1424: Zuzia and Emilka Zduńskie were born!
Author: MTL Maxfilm
Zuzia and Emilka

In 1423, the program "M jak miłość", the long-awaited couples with Kinga (Katarzyna Cichopek) and Piotrka (Marcin Mroczek) come to the world! It will occur without great awareness, not just related to the birth itself. The whole family will be ordered to hospital in 1423. But Piotrek will feel the greatest pleasure! What does Kinga say in the future "M jak miłość" program?

14 Recommendation "M jak miłość" – Monday, 25/02/2019 at 20.55 on TVP2

Kinga has been pregnant with "M jak miłość: a good event and even more enjoyment." Although Piotr and Piotr were surprised and a bit frightened, when they learned that they were expecting two daughters, they did not. They can wait for their birth.

The long-awaited day of the 1423 "M jak miłość" program, five days before the delivery day. Where is this acceleration? Well, Piotrek will take her head. She explains that she is sitting behind her wheel.

After getting to the place, Zùńska sees amazement prepared by her husband. It's so awful that she will give birth!

– Leave, stop, nothing like that happens! – – He tries to stabilize everyone, but the pain will pass over her.

They will get into the car and go to the hospital. On the way stops on the second trip, so the Zduńscy in the 1423 "M jak miłość" program in the police confederacy. Within a few hours, the doctor told the family that everything was done according to their plan.

– It's all! Mom and girls are feeling good … you can get in to your wife …

Piotrek flew her as wings! The heroine "M jak miłość" will hear a moving message from her:

– My love … You were very, brave …
– The two are beautiful, beautiful, getting ten points …

The genre of the "M jak miłość" program 1423 will be held on Monday 25/02/2019! Who can not wait? Images in the gallery below can be found.

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