Macpherson's Failure: Everything that can influence (Part 2)


Campaign to help patients restore their lives on the way
" Care variability varies according to territories "Professor P. Jordan warns." Perhaps patients could be given information to help reduce those gaps t. "

An animated film about heart failure
The campaign's animated film showcases grandmother's life with heart failure. The characteristics of this patient are described through the story through the eyes of her little girl and placing the mascot of 'hearts' representing the grandmother.

The observer finds out the effects of this ecology on the quality of life of the patients and the importance of being discussed with your doctor for their best care.

This initiative has been raised exclusively with patients and health professionals. It is co-signed with four patient groups involved in heart failure management: Heart Alliance, ASPIC, AVEC and SIC.

Why was this campaign vital to you?
" With chronic illness as a heart problem it is possible to keep down the issue during a changing period: "All is well" … We need to consult as much as one or more increases four warning signs "Steven Macari, president of Life & Heart patients and heart failure said."

" It is a disease that the public has failed to fail with heart failure, including these patients. It is important to note the warning signs. It is invisible, so it is not taken seriously but is a pneumonia “Giving evidence to Philippe Muller, president of SIC body (Heart Failure Support Association).

" Introducing through the media helps give patients, their relatives who have not yet completed a full degree of pathology better information! "Add to president Philippe Thébault of the Alliance du Coeur."

" I would like to remember all the patients that you need consultation, particularly at the highest level of difficulty. And that the public understand that the disease has a huge impact on patients' lives and their loved ones, that it is difficult to live in psychology and physical condition. ", Concluding with Jean Leonard, president of the ASPIC (Association for the Treatment of Patient Disease).

The initiative, from 29 March to 30 June, will be available in alternative formats: TV, radio, media and the internet and you will find the elements on the www.suistoncoeur website. fr that is completely patient-suffering from heart failure.

" Because heart failure of the disease is complex and progressive, it is essential to monitor daily patients. T "Dr. T. Labell, a general practitioner, said:" This check must include everyone: health professionals, but also carers and especially the patient.

Required coordination between each health practitioner
Health professionals need to create a unified team around patients and as in any team, communication is important. " The general responsibility for the care is the general practitioner who will manage the patient's care plan. The nurse needs to co-ordinate his care, which includes the education of the patient, while the client is judging and handling. Explaining Professor P. Jourdain, an expert. " You need to know how to think in a collaborative way ".

A patient's chair, a key role to promote heart failure management, carers, friends and friends, in daily contact with the patient is a valuable partnership in the fight against heart failure.

" By working with carers you have the opportunity to look again at a situation that the patient may affect but that the loved one does not have. The carer can take care to note that the patient has stopped certain activities "Dr. T. Labarthe said." Carers can also be very useful when it comes to a patient who has been diagnosed with lax to treat them. ".

The patient is obviously his main actor, as explained by Professor P.Jourdain: " The patient has to be involved in all stages of care. He needs to understand his illness. He is the first person to see the signs and be able to care for health professionals "This is how it can enjoy a better quality of life without putting it at risk.

Keep a look at the marks, everyone's business
Core patient treatment will address three key issues: taking forward the progress of the disease, reducing patients and improving the quality of patients' lives. Professor P. Jourdain, cardiologist, analysis: " Giving patients better information, explaining that it is important to talk to their doctor in an unusual time (lifting, breathing, tiredness), will help them to treat their GP. .. to be in hospital. "

" Heart failure needs to be managed early to regulate the patient's condition or delay the evolution of the disease as long as possible to maintain patient independence, restricted to symptoms t . Dr T. Labarthe

* Heart Foundation, AVEC (Life and Heart Association), ASPIC (Heart Failure Society) and SIC (Heart Failure Support Association) t

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