Macri and Sandleris indicate: inflation is a & n; falling and the demand for money is growing


The Mid Bank today said that the inflation is going down and down; expects to increase prices for the coming months, although the demand for money to increase its increased activity is "ongoing".

These are data that is a factor in the entity led by economist Guido Sandleris, as these are the results of its financial policy, which was launched on 1 October, with the protection of the Money points International Monetary.

Although every year of the year has increased its demand for money as a result of the # 39; higher spending, in December there was a revival that "exceeded the seasonal seasonal seasonal change," and " Given that "the recorded fall begins to start" during; Most of the ineffective 2018 The economy would show signs that the downturn has found a floor.

The increase in the demand for pesos was also involved in the foreign exchange market: buying a dollar wanted to go to; keep track of the final 13 million dollars every day, the lowest value since they left the exchange rate hold.

The exchange rate allowed to reduce its inconsistency in the spot markets and onwards. In particular in the future market, with the lowest demand, the Central Bank did not renew the previously offered contracts, so its market position closed at zero at the end of 2018 .

The entity's Finance Policy Committee considered that, as a result of this increase in the demand for money, the Silver Base target (MB) set out in the scheme for January was sufficient to have a potato target and that It is consistent with the & # 39; continuous uncertain move.

In February and March, on the other hand, there are months with a quarterly demand for money that is lower than history. So, the Central Bank will meet the objective of a Monetary Fund in January and may be fulfilled in the next month.

The Central notices that the compliance edge is at the beginning of the corresponding month, which will be recorded according to the demand for money up to that time, the entity said in a statement.

Buy and & # 39; dolphin sales

The entity confirmed that it will also hold in the exchange interventions strategy that will be submitted if its; exchange exchange outside the region without interventions.

Confident that there is no significant increase, the Money Policy Committee decided to keep up in January the only parameters announced for December.

If the exchange rate is low under the non-interconnection sector, the base objective will increase the purchase of dollars that will be made through Central Bank offers.

These proposals up to 50 million dollars a day. The collection raised during the month of these applications may not exceed 2% of the goal.

If the exchange rate is located above the non-interconnection department, the basic goal objective will be reduced by selling dollars through the medium of applications.

In order to maximize the potential impact, these applications will be up to 150 million dollars a day, the maximum level considered in the scheme.

Aims achieved

The average was the BMW objective at its & # 39; The first three months of the new cash scheme work. Monthly average is & # 39; BM in October and November $ 1,253 billion and $ 1,256 billion, $ 19,000 million and $ 15,000 million lower than the $ 1,271 billion target.

In December, the scheme included an increase in the BM target to $ 1,351 billion, which was including seasonal growth in demand for trade. It is a monthly average. BM in that month $ 1.337 billion.

That is said, the surrender in December was $ 14,000 million, slightly lower than the $ 16,000 million overarching objective set at the last meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee.

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