Macri had to eliminate the salary of the officers: how much does the President cost?


At the middle of his holiday in Patagonia, Mauricio Macri decided to release the remuneration of the national officers, who did not see any increase in 2018.

The president sent a name on the Friday order to allow the political range to increase salary. The 25% increase will be between January and February.

The purpose of the mission includes ministers, secretaries and subscribers. The report can be checked in

Recharge frost has been converted to show strong government.

For a few days, Macri had been analyzing to erase this decision, after a year with high inflation and high value. Will be effective since 2019.

Officers will now receive the same increases to national public workers. The bonus of $ 5,000 was the only benefit the president got.

What is in the salary of officers

In addition to the 25% increase, state-state salary is now $ 268,056, without discounting. In January 2016, he started his duty to cost $ 131,421. Since he was Chief Executive of the Buenos Aires Government, Macri himself has always said that he took part of his salary to the Margarita Barrientos dining room.

Deputy President Gabriela Michetti, going to $ 198,559, is a huge sum of $ 248,199. In many cases, the ministers, who receive most of them in 2018 will be about $ 189,023, $ 236,278.

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