Macrorrueda of ProColombia collects more than 5,000 businesses and exports in Bogotá



The business meeting is one of the most important events in the strategy. Take advantage of free trade agreements and market diversification. In the 2018 publication sales were sold for 31.8 million dollars.

The Colombian exporters will be in the business meeting from the mid-metallic, chemical, industrial 4.0 and fashion system production lines.Pixabay.

Around 3,000 national and foreign businessmen meet in Bogotá at the First Year of the Mackintosh Year, the most important industrial meeting of the year in Colombia, which will take place between 3 and 5 April. The event, which will be held at the International International and Exhibition Center of Bogotá (Corferias) bringing together over 2,000 exporters with Colombia with nearly 1,000 buyers from over 50 countries of Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean,

According to ProColombia, an entity that encourages investment, non-traditional exports, tourism and the brand of the country, will be Colombian exporters; business meeting from product chain chains of agro-food, metalwork and other industries. Also from chemistry and life sciences departments, 4.0 businesses and fashion system.

The 200 years Macrorrueda is one of the most important commercial events of ProColombia and is doing part of the strategy to take advantage of free trade agreements, diversification of markets and the promotion of exportation of Colombian companies exported by the Ministry of Business, Business and Tourism.

According to the programs, the macro business business meeting will be 3 April a different academic agenda with panels on business opportunities "help to respond to the company's ongoing questions to reach the world effectively," explained ProColombia.

In that day, businessmen will also hear the needs of customers at the moment Meetings with key buyers of important international companies They evaluate the materials and services according to specific requirements; market.

It will also allow entrepreneurs Find out the offer and improve your network of providers Looking for efficiency and productivity in their processes, as well as finding out about the technological advances in the financial sector that are the leading agencies of the country in the country; offered.

There were 3,191 people attending the final editing of the business macron Among merchants, exports and 22 financial bodies. In that opportunity the sale was achieved for 31.8 million dollars and a business expectancy of 314 million dollars.

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