Madara Kiviča refuses to clean up pictures of clothing and her. Respondent to the musician: Do not miss the final payments of the mind – Famous people – – Entertainment


According to the musician, Madara is responsible for the distribution of the image. "My first wife knows my Google, Gmail, Facebook and all other password you may have, because she created all the accounts that are now away. Instruments Account, Facebook song, YouTube song "so I think it might be a branch. there. "

Madara also referred to the entrance, which Kiviča tours was tired.

"I do not participate in my times. I do not know your Instagram," "Youtube," or countdown password. I have managed to guide your Facebook page when we were one family, not now. Give me peace, show your mind so clear to the evening and other live shows.

And I do not affect me – I did not appear publicly, I did not pick it up in a small, your clothes did not have the other side, it was not publicized and did not call my m **, cretaceous and deb ***.

Come once to the mind, not to sink back for your mental memory. Well, it's even patience to start to & # 39; disappearing, I do not want to lose the rest of my daughter as a dad! If not, what you do – look for "normal" work so you know what to do.

I think I'm going to; I think that a woman in my private life has a great interest, he can not live and I'll put pictures like that again that you're "sleeping" for another … it's hard and funny.

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