Madonna broke the silence about the implants that were expected in her & # 39; cottage


"I'm looking for an agreement to anyone … to request free license over my body, like everyone else! Thanks 2019! A very fascinating year in ". The artist added it snow: #freedom, default, # NoaLaDiscrimination and #sinmiedo.

With her role, the artist He did not disappoint or confirm it If you were a barrier, only ask respect.

During the show, the singer welcomed his fans by singing "Prayer As" and "He can not help to fall in love" from Elvis, along with her 13-year-old son who was with her guitar with her. But what did he look for, b & # 39; It's most of its screenshots.

"What did Madonna do the donkey?" Ask a user on Twitter. "The most difficult thing to complete 2018 is learning Madonna's implants," said another fan. "Madonna needs to go into the buttons", convicted another of the surprise.

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