Maestral Dragic was crossing Doncic in the Slovenian boiler in Miami #video



Goran Dragic: 23 pointswhich received a score for 12/15, which was met for three 0/2, which is free of charge for 5/7, 12 resettlement, 11 supported, 3 missed members, 1 member stolen, 1 stolen in 37 minutes and 30 seconds

Luka Dončić: 19 pointsmeets for 3 3/9, which met for 3/99, which is free to receive 4/6, 8 rebounds, 7 receive support, 6 balls lost in 30 minutes and 42 seconds .

Average in this season:

Goran Dragic: 14.2 points, 3.1 rebounds, 4.3 assist, 1.9 balls lost, 0.6 stables, 0.2 blocks in 26.2 minutes

Luka Dončić: 21.1 points, 7.6 rebounds, 5.9 help, 3.4 missing balls, 1.1 stripes, 0.3 block in 32.2 minutes

Goran Dragic was the first hero of Miami. After a long time he was playing in the first five.

Goran Dragic was the first hero of Miami. After a long time he was playing in the first five.
Picture: Reuters

The Miami movie was amazing, leaving more than two thousand Slovenian football exiles off the island, showcasing an outstanding performance of the renowned Slovenian settlers in the NBA. He had a number of reasons for satisfying him Goran Dragićthe biggest winners of the hospitality category have been left behind at the house, so the better opportunities to participate in the excellent work.

Ljubljančan knew the first Vročice hero with 23 points, 12 jumps and 11 helping, while he was at the star at Slovene he gave away over ten years younger t Luko Doncic, with which he shared the “gold” room in 2017, when they joined the national team and became the major European winners.

Doncic was the first gamekeeper to get 19 points, he put 8 rebounds and 7 help, but his hand in the game influenced him many times. Tellys, which, unlike Miami, is without access to the finals, and finally lost to -6.

Announcements in Miami:

Doncic was injured in his knees but left his teeth

Miami was losing out from health problems Josh Richardson, Justis Winslow inner Rodney McGruder, so it is Goran Dragić for the first time since my reason for going back to recent doctors from knees, he started on a duel in the first five. From the very first time it started on the ground for the first time after 10 December 2018. The game was started more than by Miami basketball players and, with the Dragiæ podcasts, they landed fast : 2.

A backing of Dragic:

Luka Dončić At this time, he has lost the same aims from the game, and after three minutes suffering with knee pain after his death. Derrick Jones Jr. she was thrown to the table, a man who was very worried by thousands of Slovenian fans in the American Airna Arena hall. The hall was sold out, except for the sitting areas, especially in the first half, and there was no shortage of free seats, which illustrated the image of the historic view in Slovenia in the NBA.

Vitality over a Golico at a game in Miami:

In the event that Dončić stopped the meeting, it was unnecessary, as Ljubljanaman, who is twenty years old for the game, came back in a few minutes. And he couldn't count on Florida because of his injuries Tim Hardaway Jr.this has changed the result. Doncic got eight points, including two awards to support Texas guests to lead in the first quarter after 29:26.

Announcements of Goran Dragić and Luke Dončić at a game in Miami:

Support Work: Doncic:

In the second quarter, where Slovenia expected to survive the floor less than a minute, Dallas guests were still growing. Nine points were made by Australia Ryan Broekhoff, with Jones Jr. guests. Miami was in a cross, the final result was 59:49.

A wonderful basket weaving, made by Doncic: t

Host guests caught by Miami, Dragic reached the twin-fold

The second half of the council of population, taken by Dallas, began within a few minutes. He stood out Dion-attendees, who reached 14 points in the third quarter, but again the guests appear their teeth and also, with thanks to Dončić, until then the first shooler duel, out to the last fourth of the game with a bonus t +7.

An existing star on the NBA, Goran Dragic, has the Slovenian bount in Florida.

An existing star on the NBA, Goran Dragic, has the Slovenian bount in Florida.
Picture: Reuters

In the last quarters, the hosts first woke up. On the shields Gorana Dragicawho sent the Slovenian fans on their feet, to be nearly six minutes before the end of the hall in Miami, hardly it was like a "white head", but who does not jump Slovensk, hey? , hey, hey, took Miami agh.

How, in the middle of the last quarter, did a replica "Who does not fall Slovensko"?

How Dragic stole the ball and returned it skilfully to a game:

To the Slovene with knowledge, jumping, throwing and, in particular, the stolen limb, one of the most beautiful movements at a time, the baskets (especially in the last seasons he brought nine) gave him. the meeting. His last fourth, Dragic, has now become a double award, a second position in the post, and became the first hero in Miami.

Goran showed the demons of muscles:

Doncic was always shaken at important moments. Although he was desperate to benefit, only he made a point in the last fourth, while he was in the positive attacks, his old expert made a personal contribution to Vročice. Dwyane Wade.

How did Slovenia end the game Surname: t

After the game, a large Slovenian friend was delighted to organize the exchange jersey and prepare for an extra two thousand Miami supporters from the Sunny sides of the Alpines. After the game, they welcomed them, but Dragić gave the duck a microphone and took care of the historic moments in the NBA.

How did "Dragic" run the wind:

Greetings from Doncic and fans after game: t

The Miami reports on those from the last EuroBasket account of 2017 in Turkey.

The Miami reports on those from the last EuroBasket account of 2017 in Turkey.
Picture: Reuters

A list of Slovenian supporters before the game:

Miami Gorana Dragica it has scaled the eighth place in the eastern NBA conference with a victory over Dallas. The loss of Orlando, which was just a competitor, lost its important enemy account in the eighth battle. Orlando lost his time in Detroit.

Wade and Nowitzki the last time in Miami?

Not much attention was given to Slovenia, leaving the population about two miles in the hall, but the account also reflected the NBA final in the league. popular star after end of season (probably) farewell. Dwyane Wade has already confirmed this, t Dirk Nowitzki, 13 points from the third coat of arms, Dallas, t it's right before that. Unlike the Germans, the USA can put spices on the season with

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Learn about Cheerleading Slobhiniach in the US. What about Mr Doncic?



Miami will be visiting New York in the next game in the NBA on Saturday, and Dallas will move to Oklahoma City on Sunday night after Slovene season.

Ginobili below the top of the hall

In the final game of the night San Antonio broke Cleveland (116: 110), particularly for excellence in the third quarter, which he received with 40:28. The duke was a sign Emmanuel Manuja Ginobilithe 20-year jumper was marked by the AT & T Center under the roof and retired. He became the ninth football player with that honor. The Argentine defended San Antonio's colors for 16 years and won four titles.

Throughout the career of Manuja Ginobili:

The highest number of points in a NBA basketball league, containing eight games, was made by the best hunter in the competition t James Harden. Bradati arrived as a rocket 38 points, while Houston made the Denver guests well defended to get just 85 points.

Milwaukee is most grateful Khrisa Middleton, which reached 24 points in half, with 39 in total, with 128: 118 losing to Los Angeles Clippers and retaining a leading position in the NBA. Greek superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo He sent back 34 points and nine rebels, along with the California guests, the limit of only 20 points sent across. T Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (21).


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