Mafai attack anatomy: nine seconds to shoot ten times and leave message – 10/10/2018


Filming are sorted out and forward. At 2.29 Monday, they stopped an enduro motorcycle in front of the old Provincial Court Palace, in the Rosario macro center. In nine seconds they run twelve shots hit one of the ports that turned. They'll even have to throw a poster with a message again: "With his mafia, do not fuck". This time, however, they will sign up. "Atte. Esteban Alvarado", it is started in a tight card. Ten minutes later, there were two murderers who were also on a motorcycle – it is still not confirmed if they were the same – invading the new Criminal Justice Center. They are five scenes. There is no wound. The intention is to leave a clear mafia warning against its Justice.

Detention left after the raid to Justice, in Rosario

Detention left after the raid to Justice, in Rosario

The attacks began against the masters and buildings from the Judicial power in May by moving one of the "Los Monos" leaders to prison in Chaco. Now they will shrink Rosario again, Four days after Ariel "Guille" Cantero was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment The first test for drug trafficking that was made against her group.

The adjacent buildings belong to the District Justice and it is not Justiciary Justice, justified by Kent, his mother, his companion and one of his principal lawyers, among another 34. The researchers who miss their & # 39; connecting the new attacks with the failure. That was well known last week. They prefer without campaigning. Exclude other ideas. But In all options, "Monkey" appears.

The following route is to close, last Saturday, of a bowling road in the south zone and, A town that has different sources related to "Los Monos". They believe that this place could even be a place associated with many who were involved in previous hunting. That's why they do not see it as astonishing thing that the new attacks are tied to the finished work by closing and receiving a 9-millimeter pistol.

"Rosario is the legal headquarters of Rosario answering your example sentences The Monkeys' leaders, "Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, evaluated through Twitter." We know that these events are happening as a result of the strong co-ordinated work we were doing; Conduct between the National Government and the department of Santa Fe. By fighting these criminals in an integrated manner and after they have been delivered at a & # 39; justice and ending with specific sentences, the offenders will be able to; attacking a message mafia violence that we will not take in any way, "he stressed.

For its part, Santa Fe's regime, Miguel Lifschitz, said: "I do not have much weight specification. A mobile bicycle that was located at the autumn. Surely they are the critical reagents of militant groups with the security forces and criminal justice. "

His Health Minister, Maximiliano Pullaro, said himself in the same line. He spoke about crime-driven crime groups that, get "special sentences" and those who capture resources. Although the officer said that his administration was down by 76 criminal groups, everything "signifies the" Monkeys. "

The minister Esteban Alvarado did not name, the person who appears by going to # 39; launch the poster that is thrown on one of the money into the regional Courts.

Alvarado, who was convicted in Buenos Aires for integration a band that stole high cars to disarm them and being sold in Rosario, he is currently in exile. He asks for his relationship with his crime Lucio Maldonado, a finer-related funder who disappeared on November 10 and a corpse was found three days later in an open field. His hands were tied and he had three shoots. On their clothes they left a rare sign that warned him, again: "The mafia does not get out of it."

The rubrica called Alvarado that was thrown into one of the new attacks could be a way of banning the proactive factories.

"We do not want a dispute but we do not want to calm it anyway. Today, they'll have some bullets at the end of the day, they can kill any day," said Jorge Perlo, leader of the Union of Permanent Workers, in conversation with the new hunts. Radio Two.

President of the College of Judgments, Gustavo Salvador, said the new attacks they try to scare her & # 39; power. He also worried about the "self-confidence" in which the attacks worked and complained about "lack of external capture." The buildings kept inside, which are in-room, add to the mobile airport. So we can not say early persecution.

For seven of the 14 property estates aimed at frightening the Ethics, "Guille" was named Cantero. He is named as the organizer of the attacks. The images recorded in the new attacks show two people with helmet. At any time that opens the face. There were only two helmets on the street, abandoned, a few blocks from the Criminal Justice Center. Yesterday, among other survey lines, it's going to be & # 39; confirming whether the motorcycle was the same in both programs.

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