In visiting the Quemanta Center, regional authorities launched this Fax Initiative, inviting the community to host this year's population #PonElHombro a la Invierno and hence prepare the diseases for the year. T coldest.

In this way, Mayor, Homero Villegas, am Health SEREMI, Mariela Rojas, SEREMI Government, Aleraand Muñoz, attended the service of Magallanes Health Service, Nelson Reyes, Head of Health Area. from the Town Communion of Punta Arenas, Rosa Bidart, Deputy Director of Faculty, Dr María Isabel Iduya, Director (Staff) of Clinical Hospitals, Sadoc Ramirez and Deputy Medical Director of the site, Dr. Dr María Isabel Iduya; Claudio Barria.

They were introduced, about 20 of the 54 old people who are Center beneficiaries, managers, professionals and technicians who make up the Quemanta team, coordinated by the nurse Ximena Barrientos. Older adults participated in the preparation of the importance of the flu vaccine and the health benefits to them, followed by the vaccination in authority and media presence.

Intendant (S) de Magallanes, Homero Villegas, said, “It is very important for us as Government of President Sebastian Piñera to be here beginning the flu vaccination campaign in the area. It is very important for the age groups involved and to take care of it. But the most important thing is that the idea behind me is that I look after what I am around if I have a bearing on it to escape. We are a challenge in the area to look after the whole population. The vaccination is to think and care for others, so I want to encourage everyone to do it, because of that we have fewer people who can afford it. become ill with flu. We want to see all options available. "

Mariela Rojas, the Health SEREMI, as the emblem of this campaign, set the shoulder in the winter, which means "networking, that we will work together to achieve 85% hope for older adults t people with chronic illness or anyone in the target group with a type of difficulty other than immunization. You know we are permanently involved in immunization campaigns and this is a real problem for flu, not dying because of this disease in Magallanes ", saying there is an important task. developed in the network to roll out the vaccine to the community

In Magallanes area, the population for this year is 58,798 thousand people. The coverage of this initiative at regional level in 2018 was 82.5%. At the national level, the population with immunity is 5,988,904 people. In Magallanes in 2018, 28 cases of severe respiratory disease (SARI) were reported, with 2 deaths. As far as January 2019 to the day three cases of flu were notified, not yet appearing IRAG. The number of respiratory consultations is typical of the day range.

As a result, the Director of SSM, Nelson Reyes, invited all high-risk groups to receive vaccination, explaining that “we are a network contributing to all of our support, particularly in the care centers. primary school, but this is also a demand. • health care people should be protected. t We need to increase the cover of last year and, therefore, invite the target audience to attend the health centers and get this vaccine. "

The County Command Area Commander for Punta Arenas, Rosa Bidart, explained that one of the main causes of underlying health is a vaccine for old and pregnant women. “The Punta Aimeas Te Cuida program, in which we have vehicles to go home and also a mobile clinic with which we try to leave everyone who can't leave their homes – is an easy task. . For all the five Cesfam and three Cecosf vaccines have all the vaccines, where vaccines are also administered, "he explained.

Gerda Ruiz Ovando, 79, said that when he had a vaccine that you 'need to benefit from this, every year you need to get vaccinated, it is best to be safe than to be sorry. Yes, if it is a flat level, this means that puncture means not to do anything or anything. "In the same time Juan Aurelio Cárdenas Cárdenas, 80, said," I'm very thankful to come here (for immunization) I am the first person to be immunized and I don't even feel even I haven't had antibiotics until I was 75 years old. "

The anti-flu campaign every year directed that the Ministry of Health is aiming for people with an increased risk of infection and suffering problems caused by the flu virus. great.
The targeted population of this year's campaign is made up of:
• Pregnant women, from the 13th week of animation.
• Boys and girls aged between 6 months 5 years, 11 months and 29 days.
• Adults over 65 and over.
Patients continued patients between 6 and 64 years of age.
• Poultry and pig breeding staff.
• Staff, volunteers or students who work in public or private benefit centers.
• Health workers
• Other regional priorities.

Influenza is a disease of a disease that causes the virus of the same name, which is spread from a sick person when you are coughing, fluctuating or through nasal securities. Other respiratory diseases may contain the same symptoms and are often mixed with flu, as is common with flu. What gives him the stamp, outside the symptomatology, it occurs in winter diseases which affect the northern and southern hemisphere each year.
Matters to be declared
The vaccines are safe, effective and vital for health. As the Campaign progresses, in addition to frequent vaccination points, additional points will be established to better respond to population demand and continue to impact on the other regional priorities such as operators. T nursery education, staff in less remote areas and Climate weather, amongst others.
Where is the vaccine managed?
• All health care facilities in the public health system.
• In all rural health and community hospitals in Porvenir and Puerto Williams
• In all private sector vaccines with the SEREMI de Salud (Clínica Magallanes the Megasalud)
• CESFAM health teams have also been transferred to schools, nurseries and other places where priority population is targeted for the initiative (Households for Older People, for example)

What is the cost of vaccination?
There is no charge for people involved in the target groups, whether they benefit from FONASA, ISAPRE or the Armed Forces, no matter what vaccine they attend.

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