Magic Bomb "The Dreamster Creature: Grindelwald's Crime" is affecting its office; box


Launched on 16/11, secret creatures: Crindelwald crimes tired around the world. In the United States, the film cost $ 62.2 million after the first three days. If you are selling global sales; including North America, the second part of the secular secrecy took $ 253 million in 79 markets for Warner Bros. Pictures. – match the movie's expectations before the film starts.

Concerning Creatures: Crindelwald Crimes Give Office Office - Picture 1

In other countries, Privilege problem: Crindelwald crimes They also receive admirable numbers. In particular, Chinese listeners are particularly happy about the fight against the dark witch Gellert Grindelwald when completing the work to 37.5 million. Followed by the UK ($ 16.3 million), Germany ($ 12.8 million) and Russia ($ 12.1 million).

In Vietnam, Privilege problem: Crindelwald crimes also proof of office heat; A short box after the first show of the film theater nationwide from the 15/11 night. With its amazing sale, film director David Yates produces all other partners on the movie sales recordings in Vietnam. In the big cities, the first screenshot was not on the # 39; Warner Bros. platform closed. Most of the audiences had a & # 39; previous ticket registration. Even flashes late in the vicinity of tickets.

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