Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana are going to break a tie after the 12th Sport Sport tariffs


The world-wide concert will be made between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana in an early rack connection break after Final Game 12 ends in a haul. The product was disturbing spectators according to its advantages; Complaints in a situation and time, leaving the best game out of games in a 6-6 historic pitch.

The most recent blood product, the 12th league between the two largest players in the competitors, allowed the £ 1m ($ 1.14m) to appear in London and # 39 ; declining as the first game with a title that did not rule out comprehensive results in the 132-year history office of the world's play.

"I did not have to wait for the most," said Carlsen, who was 27 years old, despite being dissatisfied with an enthusiastic after moving 20 . "I just wanted a situation that was completely safe, [but] where I can add some pressure. If it has not been a satisfied result, obviously I would have been involved in a different way. "

The players

Norway's Magnus Carlsen defends the world's chess festival against Fabiano Caruana of the United States. The best game with 12 games at its & # 39; College in Holborn between 9 and 28 November, with the winner of the 60% share of the property of a prize of € 1m ($ 1.14m) if the game ends in regulation (or 55% if it is decided by breaking games -tangle).

Carlsen, 27, was recorded No. 1 for just eight years and was considered to be the best player in the world even before it affected Viswanathan Anand for the 2013 title. Caruana, 26, is a page Number 2, having to earn a place at a & # 39; board by winning the candidates' competition in March. An American born player has not won or even won a world-class competition by Bobby Fischer in 1972.

It identifies its & # 39; The first title match between the world's top two players since 1990, when Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov grew up for their first time. fifth and last time.

The shape

There are 12 classic games in the game, with one player to Give one prize point and a punctuation point. No matter who gets six or a half points, it will be named as the campaigner.

The time control for each 100 minute game for its first 40 moves, 50 minutes for the next 20 moves and then 15 minutes for its & # 39; rest of the game and 30 seconds plus each move that starts from a move 1. A player can not agree to drag before moving 30 Black Black.

If the game is tied up to 12 games, connecting installments will be played on the last day in the following order:

• The four best 25 minute quick games for each player with a size of 10 seconds after each move.

• If they are still connected, they play up to five mini games of two blitz games (five minutes for each player with an increase of sixty).

• If the five mini games are taken, one game of death & Armegeddon & # 39; to play where White gets five minutes and Black will play her. get four minutes. Both players will get level three after the 60th move. In a drag case, Black will be named as winner.

The appendix

Thu 8 November – Opening ceremony
Friday 9th November – Game 1
Sat 10 November – Game 2
Sun 11 November – Ticket Day
Monday 12 November – Game 3
Tuesday 13 November – Game 4
Wed November 14 – Tail Day
Thu November 15 – Game 5
Friday 16 November – Game 6
Sat November 17 – Tail Day
Sun 18 November – Game 7
Monday 19 November – Game 8
Tuesday 20th November – Tail Day
Wed 21 November – Game 9
Thu 22 November – Game 10
Friday 23 November – Tail Day
Sat November 24 – Game 11
Sun 25 November – Easter Day
Monday 26 November – Game 12
Tuesday 27 November – Tail Day
Wed 28 November – Football / Awards and closing

The games start every day at 3pm in London.

Caruana, as a white man, included the Sveshnikov change, as he did in the eighth and 10th games. Originally, Carlsen stretched from those lines by 8. … Ne7 and Caruana fell soon after a playoff match with 12. … h5.

The American challenger was able to draw a repetition shortly afterwards (13. Qa4 Bd7 14. Qb4 Bf5) but he turned strongly to 15. Be3. But Caruana's limited affairs were made up on the following following movements (15. … a6 16. Nc3 Qc7 17. g3 Be7 18. f3 Nf8 19. Ne4 Nd7 20. Bd3) and got close to 50 minutes behind it on a clock.

Game 12 was pulled after 31 moves and nearly three hours.

After Carlsen was lost after 12-minute (20. OO) thought, Caruana gave an amazing move (21. R2!?) In the opinion of apprentices, but received a recommendation from the senior master of Russia, Alexander Grischuk, who reported in the cottage: "The deepest movement in the game so far," he said.

Even after the fool spent 10 minutes before playing … Rac8, Carlsen was ahead of more than half an hour in a while. He stressed the campaign by 22. … Bg6 23. Rc2 f5 and Caruca friendly 25. the haywire computers f4. A challenging situation has been becoming increasingly difficult after 26. … e4 27. Be2 Be8 28. Kb1 Bf6 29. Re1 a4 30. Qb4 g6.

Carlsen's decision to offer an appeal after 31. Ra1 1 Ra8 anything short after him. Caruana took a warm welcome after a two-hour game and 57 minutes, game to Wednesday.

"Something surprised me with the offer," said Caruana, who is 26 years old. "I can never be better [than move 31]Next and I have no real ideas. If anything, black is better. Anyway I thought I was over the worst thing. I thought it was a lot more regrettable to have some moves back. "

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