Maia Estianty said about the song of the seducer sung by Luna Maya and Jane Jane


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – After a period of time he had been given the opportunity to sing the late Nike Ardila's song, Luna Maya was re-discovered when she sang with the witty song of Jane's song by Maia Estianty.

The hottest song belongs to Tata Janeeta and Maia Estianty about the love of a woman who has been betrayed, just as Luna Maya knows.

The launch was launched by Friday Tribun Seleb, Friday (03/29/2019) on which Tata Janeeta performed at the 2019 Awards ceremony which Luna Maya also attended last night.

Luna Maya was not quiet but when Tata Janeeta asked to sing the Tempter song about the song.

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When Tata invites Luna to sing together in the second part, a man who has been crying has been quiet.

"I created this song with Duladh. For Luna Maya, I'm just singing this song tonight," said Tata.

Raffi Ahmad, Denny Cagur, and Ayu Dewi who shared Luna Maya did not join in the Fierce 2019 awards on Thursday (28/2/2019) on a quiet night.

The song which was played by Tata Jane seemed to be reminding Luna Maya of her story-telling to leave her sweetheart, Reino Barack, to marry Syahrini.

"I can't cry Luna, keep up the spirit," Denny Cagur said after Tata started on Thursday (3/28/2019).

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