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Absolute seminars with mainland pupils Hard to break the ice on both sides DW (Chinese) – German Voice

(Chinese Chinese Voice Chinese Network) On the 17th century, The International Review of the Cross-Strait Economy and International International Session & the only event in the series of events to mark 30th anniversary from a cross-border exchange. The media also uses ice that is a break? The Global Business Council spoke and Lu's staff participated in the report on. According to the conference schedule, media media "bankruptcy" is based on the seminar's agenda. Sheng Jiuyuan, executive director of the Taiwan Research Center in Shanghai Social Sciences, gave a speech on the "Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Review and Taiwanese Investment Prospects", and Professor Zhu Lei from the Taiwan Economic Research Institute, Tianjin Nankai University Lecturer & # 39; & # 39; Taiwan Business & Business Development Cross-Strait Business Development Championship & The ceremony of the event was Professor Chen Taitong, who was the president of the Taiwan University and chaired the Mainland Business Council. It is expected that the outside world will organize a red pupil conversation. According to Taiwan media reports, first-class pupils thought that the organizer was the Commercial Development Research Institute. When they arrived in Taiwan, they knew that the MAC was in existence, and Zhang Xiaoyue was in a position; is going to give a speech, so it would not be considered as a proof of the official events held by Taiwan. So you chose to be away. The organizer changed the recent papers Sheng Jiuyuan with other pupils. The media indicated that the two pupils on the mainland that belonged to different systems and who did not know each other were getting worried phone calls at almost all the time, and agreed to attend the seminar. This shows, before the Tsai-English government report can be reported on its; consensus & # 39; 92 & # 39 ;, that mainland authorities should adhere to their situation and their; preventing the outside world from breaking ice on either side. The Major Affairs Council Chairman requested a cross-border conversation. At the conference opening ceremony, Zhang Xiaoyue, chairman of the Business Affairs of the mainland, asked on both sides of the dialogue and seeking a conversation to find a new model. He also ensured that interconnected relationships are largely stable, but there is still some uncertainty. Zhang Xiaoyue interviewed before leaving the vision that pupils should be invited on the mainland, they should be treated with a normal idea, and over-school schoolchildren should be more in exchange. In fact, a step by step. Shin Jane Junxian, a rector of the DPP, on his face with a neck.

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