Major events after Vietnam 0-0 Myanmar


In a game where both sides tried to target the goals, 0-0 results in Vietnam gave a little bit of performance on the field. And here are the main events after their game.

1. Myanmar is doing well

In five games in the last, Vietnam Phone 4 won benefits and only the enemy was running only once. It was a competition; where a red led by Phan Thanh Hung coach led the rank of his group.

And at this meeting, when it is & # 39; Vietnam's phone is estimated to be the UCV warranty measure, Myanmar Telecom is very proud of football.

Major events after a 0-0 game of Myanmar
Myanmar has made amazing progress over the past

They created an early attack and ready to rock to prevent the coordination of Hang Zhou students. In addition, the Tuwunna Stadium 90-minute home crew also played very hard and distributed play. This has some to reduce Vietnam's football risk in this game.

2. Van Decision and Xuan Truong Fann

In front of an early fast attack on Myanmar, Van Quyet and Xuan Truong did not make any impact in the first 45 minutes of play.

Sometimes, Van Quyt's senses often do not feel the feelings and his paths are often uncertain.

Although Xuan Truong had no ball in this game. In general, the playmaker of Hammer, HAGL midfielder did not have much chance to show and was drawn early in the second half to make space for mid-Hunger devices to be more effective.

3. Bad game of Vietnam Telecom


Striving and & # 39; creating more situations than the opponent, but in the 0-0 game of Myanmar in Vietnam, it is obvious that he did not leave a fortune with this Hang Park Park team.

If Phan Van Duc's member hit the net instead of hitting her & # 39; backbone, Quang Hai's beautiful situation turned to Myanmar keeper, and Vine Telephone could have all three overall points in this game. South Westerly

Particular points after a 0-0 game Myanmar 2
Cong Phuong had a day to play successfully

In this game, a rival fought in Cong Phuong did not win. In Myanmar's keeper position in the 65-minute minute, the room and time at Number 10 at HAGL want to control the & # 39; wall and then hit the ball with the right leg but the ball to lose the ball to the right turn South West If it's more likely, Cong Phuong has made a score in the # 39 this game.

4. Marking question mark

In the regret that Vietnam Phone was unable to win three points in this game, NHM should ask questions about the professional quality of the referee's team when Vietnam has been experiencing bad problems from breaking. the referee.

The rates seemed to welcome fans to "#; this game

The most controversial situation is that Van Toan's goal is not known even though he slowly looked at the tape, clearly a HAGL striker has been the ultimate defender of Myanmar.

It's not just that, in the # 39; Last minute, there were at least two situations where Vietnam's players were captured in the case but were not punished. Obviously, thanks for the benefit of the home, Myanmar is the referee that is favorable to some. And this gives them a good place in front of & # 39; golden stars &

Note: Myanmar 0-0 Vietnam

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