Major Fire Brigades will use all bars to save the deceased


He has not lost today 29-1 (24 Tet) due to a road crash.

From the beginning of January 29, many colleagues and friends were in line with the Huynh Van Tuan family on Nguyen Van Cu Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, Area 1. Many people were amazed, just when he saw The picture, if he was willing to believe it was true.

Major Fire Brigades will use all spring to save the deceased - Picture 1.

The induction event was held at 15:00 on 29 January. Photograph: NGUYEN TRA

For almost 20 years with rescue, it is an example of confidence and strength.

Major Huynh Van Tuan participated in thousands of fire and rescue rescue and rescue activities, such as the 2002 Fire Department of International Trade Center; saves mental patients at a height above 20m at the Phu Tho stadium, Ho Chi Minh Town; saving a female student at Duc Duc Thang University, Thanh District, and # 39; trying to kill the 5th floor of the school; 01 victims suffered under the port bridge of Rau Qua, Area 7, …

In addition, he and his team took part in diving to find hundreds of victims of the unfortunate disaster in the river; co-ordinate with police organizations to investigate diving to find important evidence about the issues that are submitted to the rivers and streams for non- Lamentations, such as pistols, bullets that support research and research …

Huynh Van Tuan's body will be buried on 3 February, 2016 (ie 29 Tet) at the Town Hall.

Major Huynh Van Tuan was born in 1980 in the Tra Vinh district, who worked in the police and a fire control police force in Ho Chi Minh City from 2001 to date.


Huynh Van Tuan – the wolf used a spring bar to save people

In 2008, he was honored as ordinary photographs of the Town, in 2010 as the City Citizens' Citizens, in 2013, as the national national national Police; Approximately 20 certificates of value and qualification certificates were awarded by the Prime Minister, the People's Committees of the districts and towns and the Ministry of Public Security; 7 years as a basic emulator lutewoman (from 2011-2017); In 2013 and 2017, the title "CAND full force emulation soldier" was awarded.

Since a PC & CC partnership has been brought to CATP (9/2018), Huynh Van Tuan has been Deputy Chief of Rescue and Rescue Division – CATPHCM, and continues to rely on rescue and rescue.

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