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On November 20, the seventh day for 92 defenders of the cyber-foil line was the focus of the quiz Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who was a former head of the Crime Department. high technology (C50), on functions of long disturbance & # 39; they are on duty.

Concerned because "no work was taken to take care of the company"

In the court, guardian Nguyen Thanh Hoa met and knew Nguyen Van Duong (Chairman of CNC Corporation) since 2010 and he knows that he is a person who has a strong relationship with the police in these areas. South Westerly

Responding to the questions that were & # 39; Buy who was the CNC's suggestion to have a & # 39; establishing a front office of Q50, designated by the defendant himself as the nominee, but a long presentation of the start of this type of company. So, the Deputy Secretary of Public Pham Quy Ngo (lost) was blamed to the person who, He asked that C50 was allowed to establish the company and said "to make his grandson". Since this person did not meet the requirements, Mr Ngo introduced Mr Nguyen Van Duong, then the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UDIC Cooperative Stock Company. Shortly after the accused of Hoa was introduced to Vinh Duong. Entering in court, Tell the old leader of the C50 that this company should call a meeting with the staff to get out of the emergency with his / her; this company.

According to the defendant, after allowing the professional company policy to be established for C50, he and his agreement to subscribe to sign a business cooperative memorandum with CNC Corporation of Nguyen Van Duong. In particular, the C50 agreed to send 20% of the capital and participate in partners, as a result of C50 who received 20% profit. However, the cosmetic C50 does not have power and money involved in the & # 39; co-operation, so the memorandum does not continue to; memorandum. Therefore, it's not a business company in the NCC, not a constitution and no decision is recognized, "said the defendant.

Responding to the question: "Why does C50 not have money but still send a 20% recommendation to the CNC as its project?" Nguyen Thanh Hoa said: "The chief executive told us to do this too. There are many amazing ideas that did not worry about a business company. The defendant also confirmed to the lawyer in 2011, it is not necessary to establish the company C50.

Old old rebels

Defender Nguyen Thanh Hoa said, because a memorandum was made between the C50 and the CNC, he gave him Duong and informed the guardian. Cited on the subject, Duong's defense responded: "I respect Mr Hoa's presentation but it is not suited to ask for his / her correct or correct sentence review the file. " Mr Hoa continued to tell her that he placed a police station at Air. 10 Ho Thi (District Da Da, City Ha Noi) was headquarters but did not know where the C50 office was posted.

His statement published by a statement sent by Nguyen Van Duong, informing the accused that they knew CNC was in his / her; hanging the sea and it is recommended that it remove. Responding to the question, the defendant said: "Their survey body certifies that content from my company's employees, trying to confirm me. After to hang out the sea, Mr Hoa thinks that the company should be secretary, to go down.

Response to the Channel Writing Panel. 352 dated 15.7.2016 Ministry of Public Security report on the situation of online online game money in Vietnam, which misleading the connection connection CNC Online Online VTC Online; 2 port ports were run This document was given by Mr Phan Van Vinh, who defends himself "signed". But the defendant said the time they asked "signed", the content on … the document is not.

"The accused said that he did not know that the CNC was a screening campaign, but why the report of the survey group identifies the person who agrees is this a professional company? ", Chairman of the research, and at the same time publishing the Chemistry statement with a complaint at the inquiry, expressed at CNC's time as the company's face on the C50, The defendant has been in & # 39; Ask the company every quarter, monthly, every year reporting to the C50. "The certificate will happen when I'm tired and so it is not true with evidence," said the person.

In response to these inconsistencies, Phu Tho People's Program producer issued the Number Number 190 document dated 8 August 2012, signed by Mr Hoa for submission to Ho Chi Minh Town Political Logic Department. CNC. In this text many times CNC's showcase as business companies. However, the accused followed his / her definition; Circles and then crash this is the low level.

Although despite her & # 39; Most of the allegations regarding the Phu Tho People Program, defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa, "agreed with his case on the State State Commission": "First of all, I was arrested for to set up a gambling, after 4 months spent a mischievous crime of power stations … I was also tired of the last 9 months. agree with my complaint, "said the defendant, who decided to behave naturally and not to be encouraged.

The decision between the Director C50 and his sub-sections

Yesterday, the Panel has raised a number of questions that clarify that Nguyen Thanh Hoa is a Acknowledgments CNC's online games but no prevention measures, but despite the protection of the person. So, the Panel decided to call on witnesses, namely Mr Hoang Xuan Phuong (Head of Section 2 – C50, now Department of Health and Crime Network) and Nguyen Huy Luc (Head of Staff C50, restricted). The Panel has adopted cherantine measures for each of them.

Pre-court case, Mr Phong, said that by the end of 2015, Room 2 was that Rikvip was in a game released at CNC. Once, Mr Phong told the Deputy Director C50. After many oral proposals, in mid-2016, Mr Feng reported back in document No. 229. From this information, the old Director C50 reported to the Ministry's directors. "His statement is true. No statement was given to me," said Hoa.

At the same time, the Nguyen Huy Luc witness from the beginning of 2016 told CNC to have a trading game available; gives Rikvip the opportunity to move and narrate to Nguyen Thanh Hoa but the director … has confirmed that the Rikvip game has a slight blast of the law. Even said, the witness Nguyen Huy Luc said: "He once put me in my grief."

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