Major rescue puppy joining the family


AThe sentence says: If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.

The former former president, Joe Biden, was just that Saturday, since he and his wife Jill became a senior member of the Delaware Humane Society.

The Bidens had been nursing her dog, according to the Facebook post of the group, along with the pictures of the former president who had been in charge of her. Made with a great German black-haired shepherd.

"The Bidens has discovered Major as long as he is encouraging him and they are now ready to do the adoption officer," he said. group.

The Major Major of German Shepherd Pillow Rubbish Rubbish Rubber Rubbish. The company said that Biden was a Getting a job hunting for help and getting a message.

Not the Major who is the first German shepherd at his & # 39; Biden. Biden says he grew up with his grandchildren and got a German shepherd's cup after the 2008 election as his wife promised. The family criticized the purchase of those puppies, called Champs with Biden's grandchildren, from a weaver rather than a & # 39; get a rescue dog dog.

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