"Make good quality planning again", "crazy cash" … Who is in Ismael Emelien, a MacRae consultant to go away?


Emmanuel Macron and Ismaël Emelien (south) in 2016. – Jean-Francois Badias / AP / SIPA

"Make our planets good again" but also "roped first". Ismail Emelien, who published Monday on his departure from the Elysee, has been a long time ago. better than anyone who was worried about Emmanuel Macron who still was in the screen, the beginning of Marche! to use power.

Timmill Emmanuel Macron, Ismael Emelien, who is 31 years old, is the creative and innovative business of his & her; manager Alexis Kohler, general secretary of the Elysée. There is a joint problem, which is proportional to its special adviser, and loss of salt. So Ismail Emelien outlined his position with a state-of-state: "offering options and his / her decision-maker".

Shadow man

Installed on the second floor of the Elysee, in the old office of Emmanuel Macron when he was Deputy Secretary-General of François Hollande, Ismail Emelien's opinion box at Head of State. Up to the crash when he praised in June a broadcast on social networking of videos where Emmanuel Macron has been broadcasting; Talk about social help, accordingly, "crazy dough".

He likes opinion polls and opinion surveys that he can, and # 39; believing, retiring the times. But as others, he did not see the unprecedented emergency in terms of "yellow vests"; come.

Ismael Emelien investigated by a consultant, Gilles Finchelstein, head of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation and supervisory director of Havas (formerly Euro RSCG). The two men were linked in 2006 on the application for Dominique Stauss-Kahn social school. Emelien, then 19, a student of Sciences Po and a newer from Grenoble, has been involved in the campaign team. At the headquarters, rue de la Planche in Paris, it will be & # 39; Meet future columns: Stanislas Guerini, head of En Marche, Benjamin Griveaux, spokesman for the government, and Cédric O, a councilor at the Elysée.

Double-handed DSK against Ségolène Royal, these little hands will hold strong friendship and Ismael Emelien will quickly remember when you need to find En Marche! and send Emmanuel MacRae into the hill.

He meets Macron at 21

In the steps of Gilles Finchelstein, a young company is studying an opinion analysis, a strategic advice for headteachers (he advises to Veolia's Antoine Frérot), but also a & # 39; development of enterprise strategy. If he has his first meeting with Emmanuel Macron, dating back to the end of 2008, as part of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, a series will be set up since 2012, when they are in the Gilles Finchelstein company, they will reflect on their achievements; a consensus that François Hollande wanted.

When Emmanuel Macron's Elysée left in July 2014, it is a question to do; Beginning in education with Ismaël Emelien and another young, Julien Denormandie. A project has been lost to the Macron Ministry of Economics, which is logical to call two firm companies.

From Bercy, Emelien is the head of thought and the arm of creating En Marche! It will employ a small command to launch the motion, secretly, and it will be five months ahead of time; delay Emmanuel Macron of the government communications, teaching etc.

In addition to their attention, "Ishmael took over his job as a shadow exchange. The two questions about conviction and belief," said a friend. Another closure is terminated: "he thinks the kitchens should not be shown, which does not show what is behind the curtain".

The shadow of Benalla Affair

Ismael Emelien has been involved in the Benalla case since an old officer asked her; President decided that he had extracted videos illegally committed by the police, who had to be protected through a violent issue; first time. May These images have been found on pro-Macron Twitter accounts.

The World The researchers have been suspicious of the fact that the special advisers were in receipt of these illegal videos. In July, in a dialogue with a Médiapart publication, Alexandre Benalla says he has support in May 1 of "Isma" that is "media and company". There is a wonderful connection, especially since, according to Médiapart, Alexandre Benalla is at the heart of a contract signed by a Russian oligarch, close to President Vladimir Putin, long & while still in office at Elysee Palace.

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