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Malaika gives her & # 39; son of Arjuna!

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Updated:February 18, 2019 01:39 PM IST

#Bollywood: The film that Arjun Kapoor and Malaika have expected to have been moving in Bollywood for a long time. A recent Arhun was seen from a Mumbai restaurant with Arjun and Malaika. Arjuna has a relationship with the son of Arhaan of Malaika Sin because they went to the dinner together.

Arjuna has acknowledged her relationship many times, even though it is not straightforward. Party date or dinner – Arjuna-Malaika was set up several times. Even the news spread even though they went to visit in Milan.

Although Malaika does not want to open up private business But a few days ago, he told reporters, "I would never have answered my personal questions. That's not It means I'm embarrassing to answer all those questions. Indeed I'm not comfortable to talk about private issues in public. I can only say that I am I enjoy it. "

But if you do not answer, no. What everyone is trying to measure But, Arjuna is not unhappy to think about those things. He is now trying to drown Malawiika. Who said the rest of the rest!

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