Malaysia was arrested by a Vietnamese free-standing group


Muar District police station, Johor, Malaysia. Photograph: Asia Times

Muar District police station, Johor, Malaysia. Photograph: Distribution

Distribution On Tuesday, three of the four offenders owned by two grocery stores in the Muar district in the Johor State were arrested. The other survived when the police were pursued.

Earlier, about 4:20 m on the 12th of November, the Vietnamese group covered against it, mills breed into the Apple Green grocery store and was pumping a secure source of more than RM 60,000 ($ 14,000) in cash.

At the same time the next day, the men stole into another branch of Green Apple, stolen $ 10,000 ($ 2,300) but fled.

Despite the police; Burning two warning warnings, one of those men will continue to use mill gear to threaten security forces to help with their. group. They went into the nearby forest, but three were taken by the police. They are all Vietnamese citizens, ages 23 to 32.

The policeman has asked residents to give information about the suspects who have been hiding and missing. to eliminate Vietnam to try to enter and trying to make a police.

In August, four members of a famous "Vietnamese" crime group were killed in a gun battle with a Malay police on the way to escape. Four other members were arrested.

Tebuk has been behind a series of buses at a large number of supermarkets and warehouses throughout Johor State and are said to steal about RMB 100,000 (about US $ 25,000) to Vietnam. Under the Malaya Criminal Code, the agency will Looking up to five years imprisonment on filing costs and can be up to 14 years in prison if you are in a prison; crime can be

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