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Magnets. How do they work? The YouTube Magnetic Games channel is well-known people as they are, and they are doing all of my own video. show how tartan can be used for entertainment. Mar Laughing Squid Find, the latest video is a good page.

You should all know in full with now that they have a magnetic range around them. It is an unexpected force that attracts or sells magnets, and other materials such as metal; respond to it. The only problem you can not really see … or can you? To get out, Magnetic Games dropped ultra-strong wheels on a small small corridor covered in magnetite sand, and then filtered it in a slowly moving.

A video is all sorts ready, and it's good to have a & # 39; pulling things down just enough to see how the magnetic features around the magnet bend and bend; handle the flying metal items as they climb around.

The format you see can be created in a & # 39; video, with what looks like a & # 39; bending to the two poles, which opposed the magnetic field of Earth itself, but obviously on a much smaller scale.

The short-term tutorial is the start of its video & # 39; It means that such an experiment is likely to be easily drawn in your own home. Although that is very much true, it is important to be aware that the magnets that are being used here are not the kind that looks like in your local hard-working shop.

Often the super-magnetic magnets are very expensive, and the two magnets we see in the video are cheaper at $ 50. The most powerful is the best position you'll get back Near $ 100. But if you have your ways, go on it, and remember your movie.

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