AirAsia made every move right in 2018, says Fernandes

KUALA LUMPUR (28 February): Mr. Air Air Force Air Force Chief Executive (Chief Executive) said Tan Sri Tony Fernandes advised that the low carrier moved all correct movements in 2018.

In a tweet from his hands @tonyfernandes, he said "She made the right boxes in 2018 to enable the ability to market the marketplace and establish Airasia's new business such as Red Logistics that will be huge.

AirAsia works on the organization's logistics businesses through the RedCargo Logistics Sdn Bhd.

"The stars are looking out.These company will be making money this year. India and Japan lose a discount. Cash is strong . 54% oil is covered and stable. Stronger money. "

However, Fernandes said that AirAsia was severely injured by the Boracay closure of the Phillipines and a highly acclaimed national disaster in Indonesia.

Yesterday, AirAs reported that a net loss of RM394.97 million in its quarterly quarter ended on December 31, 2018 (4QFY18), on higher fuel prices and operating rent costs, compared to a net profit of RM372.65 million years ago.

Increase revenue from 6.2% to RM2.82 billion from RM2.66 billion in 4QFY17, after total passengers increased by 16%.

One year's profits were 21.5% to RM1.98 billion from RM1.63 billion in FY17. Revenue generated 9.2% to RM10.6 billion from RM9.71 billion.

AirAsia is divided by 1.94% or 6 percent to RM3.04 with 11.27 million shares.

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