Ask someone who Google has if she was working in the restaurant because she is writing A Tudung

Some of us may be guilty of stereotyping for the things people do for a living based on the race, sex and what they work. This way of thinking should not be the same in 2019, but unfortunately that is still happening.

Atikah Amalina recently worked for a woman who works in the Google office in Singapore, to bring her experience just as a result of her race and what she would work.

The accident happened on board a lifeboat which she removed from her office. She divides her conversation between herself and the driver:

“Oh, you work in the restaurant in Google? ”

Dumbfounded, Atikah wasn't sure she'd heard it right. She asked for clarification on 'Canteen?'

'Aye, the food court upstairs.'

She agreed that she would have to take a minute to say what the man had asked for and how it would affect him. She answers

'No, I work in Google.'


Atikah said that she felt angry, humiliated and confused by her conversation. She said,

“Just as I am a woman from Mallaig in a hijab, I was immediately accepted to be working at the canteen when I raised it at the office – as someone I can't work in is the Google, right? Wrong. I was upset, and the driver never said anything after that. ”

She also explained that there is nothing wrong with working in the canteen but that the default image is quite the wrong thing for all of the conversation.

Atikah took the opportunity to make everyone aware when they are communicating. She wrote,

“The key here is that the person is unaware and how it can be seen as small and unique. But this is: an insect is an active display or celebration of the global views of inclusion / exclusion, superiority / quality, and desire / imperfect. Much of this is outside awareness level of consciousness, so we are involved in activities that are being unfairly presented and discriminating against others. ”

The incident that happened to Atikah Amalina is a good example of what some of us will have during the day. So remember that you are always careful about what you say.

For the driver, shame on you!

You can read the full post here:

Today I got into a Grab / Gojek car from the office, and the driver, in spirit to communicate, asked: "Oh …

Posted by Atikah Amalina on Friday, 5 April, 2019

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