Authorities have to terminate the foul methods of using conservation sites

For most, hotel reservoirs are good for travelers, they will Help you find a lot more than that perfect hotel that is easy and tough.

For most.

But if you've ever been on these hotels website, you often find notes such as:

  • Here is the last room
  • 15 people are interested in this room
  • 70% off for today only
  • The last 3 rooms at this price
  • Record 40 hours within 24 hours

These messages create a good feeling in the user, encouraging them to store a room quickly or lose the risk of the room to another interested party. Instead of continuing to & # 39; Find for the best contract in other sites, you'll find it; breeding quickly and making a contract book that seems to be the best ones to do; ask you.

But are the real calls or are they creating a critical feeling?

This has taken into account the Competition and Marketing Union (CMA) in the United Kingdom. The authority, which is responsible for a healthy and fair competition in the country, has examined the number of hotel registration sites in June 2018. After the inspection, the CMA established a set of rules to complete fraudulent investigation methods, hidden taxes and other dishonesty practices among hotel conservation sites.

Based on the surveys, the CMA has referred to a number of regulations that it requires the hotel's registration department to comply with the instructions or be taken to court.

For hotel booking sites, the CMA has explained the following rules:

  • To make it more clear as hotels are rated, including whether hotels are there; Paying the larger site sites to get a higher job up the list
  • In order not to pose a misconception that tourist attractions like brutal customers have to do; make a living place. For example, when you say that other customers are looking at the same hotel with you, it should be made clear that they are in the same way. look for different dates. Some sites also have to sell hotels within search results to put people in acute pressure; preserve faster.
  • To be clear about reducing discounts and promoting materials that are just available at that time. The CMA acquired sites to compare a high level of a weekend room with a day-to-day basis during a week or a week; compares the price of a luxurious room with a general room
  • To show costs such as taxes, registration or tourism fees in the price

After establishing the rules, six conservation sites have been agreed to comply with the CMA proposals: Expedia,, Agoda,, ebookers and trivago. In addition, the authority says that any other website that provides similar services to the management would also need to be used.

The conservation sites are until September 1 2019, to perform surrender or action in court.

As well as more and more travel overseas and at home, hotel reservoirs are located in the city center. becoming more popular in the country. The rules set by the CMA are a good module for achieving this as it can protect us from encouraging them with hotel booking sites. It is definitely sure something that should be implemented here too.

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