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Avengers: Endgame – The Hopeful Truth of Why Acquired Capacity Tony Stark's Priority

American Captain Tony Stark
Marvel Studios

For all of the estimates and all unincorporated Avengers: Endgame, we can be sure of anything. Someone is going to die. In fact, when the dust is fixed again, the list of falls may have been much longer than that.

With the number of MCU agents that end up to # 39; their contracts and they're saying that Endgame is really crucial, the question now is how many of the characters that have been killed. Indeed, some of them may be able to retire well, such as Clint Barton, whose arc is highly dependent on the safety of his family, or Bruce Banner, who wants peace at his & # 39; ultimately beyond anything else. Thor could also resign his position, since his new Asgard rule is disturbing himself.

But Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are the two characters that we need to be worried about. They are the most remote of the people who survived from the Clan, especially because Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr are the most open about their roles; they just went out for storytelling purposes.

The more you look, it is likely that we will lose at least one to the second war against Thanos. And unfortunately, it makes sense that, as Harry Potter and Voldemort, can not live long & the rest lives. No wonder can just leave the two to walk out to sunset, so something has to be given, and it is probably Rogers who have the life situation to save Tony Stark.

To begin to understand that, we must first look at the characters more precisely. So we can deal with why one of them dies and why he is a Captain of America …

4. Tony Stark & ​​Obsession

Iron man 2 Tony Stark
Walt Disney Studio

In many ways, Tony Stark and Thanos are the mirrors of a mirror. Thanos shows out the likelihood of & # 39; as they are in a sense that both are "hidden with knowledge" and it seems that Stark is marked for it.

Thomas can be like Thanos, the two most important for Todhy futures and the most important thing for Thanos is so uncomfortable. Both spoke about major solutions for "good good:" for Thanos, b & # 39; The Thirteenth (after playing with a random genocide idea to save Titan). For Tony, it was creating Ultron and then to & # 39; Support the Accords to perform superhero action management.

In both cases, they considered to take the adverse effects sensitively because of their positive virtues. They could be messaging: Thanos in a more efficient way, but there is no doubt that Tony's own looks for a while too. Why would it be a protocol and logic breaking to say itself as Iron Man?

The problem with that complexity and Tony's "Tony" experience is Tony's name to be able to do it; retiring from Iron Man in a normal term. He has tried and did not work, to his point that he put a rod between himself and Pepper Potts. Imagine how Iron Man needs to be explained in Iron Man 3: it is represented as a generation, by creating armory differences to & # 39; fill in it. Instead of sleeping and self-care.

However, Iron Man is a chronic illness, which is why he has been closely linked to mental and physical illnesses. It is not an accident that the reactor is the thing that kept it alive and killed (thanks to the poisoning of Palatio). It is also that no accident caused by PTSD may have been attempting to protect the relatives and their relatives; planetary, but also destroying mind for a while. He is a man defined by strife.

If he does not have to walk away, even with his future promise with Pepper and the marriage and the ability of children, death is only out. If the Captain of America does not change the parameters, that is …

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