Bitcoin price April 2019 – BTC to visit $ 4500 This month

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is slow but surely it keeps pace rising and now has more than $ 145 billion.

Stills are kept to a minimum. If it was not for the Ripple price on Bitstamp on 26 March, then a permanent asset title could be awarded to the medal in March 2019. That vulnerability remained at around 9% per month.

The price of Bitcoin was for the best part of the morning in March. It was just 30 March when it rose to $ 4,200. As a result, the previous month's couple did not change by more than 13%.

The property most rapidly grown in March was Stellar Lumens. In mid-March, it stood at a price of up to 50% on a minimum of 0.082 USD from March 4.

At the same time, the proportion of Bitcoin rate decreased to 50.1%.


The BTC price continues to be strengthened in the margin. When the medal reached 4,200 USD, the merchants' number started to decline gradually.

There are indicators of continued growth and, if the BTC purchasers are able to purchase, it is likely that the couple will return to $ 4,200 again. At present, RSI Stochastic is out of the wholesale range.

Earlier on Bitfinex, the price for testing had been 4,210 USD. But he can't confirm it near the top of the highest peak.

There is a BTC trading price at $ 4,127.59 at the time of writing.


Ethereum has a similar pattern of movement to Bitcoin. The main cryptocurrency has a direct impact on the ETH rate when it goes down or down.

The trade base is close to $ 142 and the level at Fibonacci is at a level of 50% of the last wave from at least $ 137 to up to $ 145. However, the price has found that there is a big interest t Consumers have the above important support zone of $ 139. Other than that, on the ETH / USD 4-hour chart, the main objective is to support 140 dollars.

Further growth is above levels of $ 143 and $ 145 required for growth. This next important attack is about $ 147, above which the price of inspections can be $ 150.

The ETH price varies at $ 142.12 at the time of writing.


Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple couldn't create candles on the card. This marks, first, a possible reduction and, secondly, a lack of correlation with the main digital currencies due to the unique nature of XRP and attendance of problems with regulators and side t Inside the project.

When other funds were revived, a local height of XRP / USD could not be established and continues to move a triangle (movement from February 24) with a base at $ 0.30 and target target in address of $ 0.2500.

The XRP price is exchanged at $ 0.310435 at the time of writing.


The EOS cryptocurrency level rose above a psychological mark of $ 4.113. This is the most significant increase in money since March 4. Which is the largest, the helpline $ $ 4.11 has been broken and the medal is exchanged at $ 4.19.

2 days ago, the Bumb exchange expedition stopped, and the EOS price was corrected, after 2.5% of it lost to the USD. But, the resource got back quickly and is already trading above the level of support.

The EOS price traded at $ 4.19 at the time of writing.


Biccoin's price continues to rise in line with above $ 160.

A new monthly average of around $ 172 was created, and the price has recently changed.

The current price change shows that a larger range of activity is lower than the $ 170 and $ 172 counterparts. Alternatively, support is close to $ 162.5, representing the level at Fibonacci at a level of 50% of the final wave from at least $ 152 to up to $ 172.

In the short term, correction is down to $ 165 or $ 162. On the positive side, the main obstacles are $ 170, $ 172 and $ 180.

The BCH price varies at $ 168.58 at the time of writing.

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