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We have recently been told that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day". It is said that eating in the morning meal can give you some confirmation and & # 39; It may not stop later in the day. This may be beneficial if you hope to keep or lose weight, or so we would believe breakfast makers.

As it comes out, a regular breakfast may not be a good thing for people who have a good time. try to pull down. New research paper published in News reviewed over a dozen different study of breakfast practices to paint a more detailed picture of how early food affects weight, and that the data does not; Looking especially for your breakfast lover.

"Although strategies aimed at preventing obesity and obesity management need to be multi-functional, many international ideas have to include breakfast to be taken into systematically for stress management and an obesity protection factor, "the authors explain. "These tips are often coming from having a tired breakfast that will continue to exert energy later in the day."

This seems to make logical sense, but the data is a n; show that he does not really get out of that way for a lot of people. In monitoring the total number of people who eat breakfast and breakfast skins, the inspection is Showers who eat breakfast generally eat more generally with the time when sunshines eaten. situation.

The authors quickly show that the data is not entirely consistent, and Explain that large controlled controls are needed to determine what benefits they either eat or send a click. However, the survey found that those who had been scattered were The first food of the day is generally slower than those that eaten.

"This study suggests that breakfast recreation may be a good strategy for losing stress, despite the establishment of a based breakfast," the authors explain . "Need to take advantage when breakfast is offered to lose weight in adults, because it may have the adverse effects."

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