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It is suspected that Seungri is paying a monthly salary as the money manager from the Burning Sun club.

Broadcasting in April 12 of “Newsdesk, MBC”, police found that investigating suspicious streams of funding in a Burning Sun bank account had won over 30 million pounds (about $ 26,450) in Burning Sun's money. paid monthly to Mr Ji, Seungri, senior manager.

Although Mr Ji was an employee of YG Entertainment and not Burning Sun, the club put 3 million out (about $ 2,645) per month under the introduction which he gave Mr Ji his monthly salary.

MBC recited that YG Entertainment already knew about this after questioning Seungri in its early days when Burning Sun Gate started. After confirming that Seungri had indeed paid Mr Ji the money for money from Burning Sun, without reporting that the company had burned Mr Ji.

If Mr Ji's salary was paid by Burning Sun, instead of Seruri himself or the group, he may get a saddle on Seungri.

The salary of Mr J is to be confirmed. It is not clear whether Mr Ji received his wage from YG Entertainment, Burning Sun, or twice the salary from both places. A police well said, “We are currently inspecting overgrown items to ascertain where the money came from. ”

Although a MBC journalist informed YG Entertainment for questioning the organisation's contractual relations with Mr Ji, the group provided no response.

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