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Endgame could be his last film as Thor

Chris Hemsworth once again has addressed his future as Thor, appearing Avengers: Endgame maybe this is his last version of the 'Thunder Thunder'.

Marvel's star appeared This morning today (10 April), and he was asked about his return, even if his contract was coming to an end.

"I would make this character so long as it would take me to myself," he said. "I love it so big.

“But these different characters in the Third Three, as Marvel is calling, it won't be between you and many others again.

Avengers: Chris Hemsworth at Endgame on This Morning


"Who knows the future of the futures and whether they are making a prospectus or resolutions or anything, I'd be open to anything. But now, here are we ready. "

Speaking earlier this year, Hemsworth recommended that it was done as Thor, saying: "I will not play the character again."

"It's a sort of scary idea. It's a bit like what you didn't finish. And now it's going to finish."

Endgame Avengers, Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Marvel Studio

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However, it is notable that the Robert Downey Jr contract as Iron Man completed years ago, and still remains a major part of the license.

We hope future future for Thor.

Avengers: Endgame Thursday, 25 April in the UK and on Friday, 26 April in the USA. t This morning tunes on weekdays from 10.30am on ITV.

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